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Going through the pain of sensitive teeth, and the discomfort that they bring, is like living in hell for as long as the pain does not recede. If you wish to know at this moment, if you have sensitive teeth, you may simply pass any hot or cold liquid from your mouth and the excruciatingly biting pain that you might feel in your teeth, is an indicator that you are a patient of sensitive teeth. It might be time for you to visit and dentist and get your teeth checked for possibility of sensitivity.

Some of the lesser known causes which can aggravate the sensitivity in your teeth are cold air and sweet and sour foods. In spite of the seriousness of tooth sensitivity, it is quite common among patients all over the United States, which is reason why you can easily get your teeth checked and cured in no time. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can walk in with an appointment, to meet Dr Isaac Kashani and ask them to check your teeth and suggest remedial action. We are sure that you will be able to walk out with a set of healthy teeth post that.

What are the causes of tooth sensitivity?

If you though that tooth sensitivity is something that affects only a particular age group of people, then you are mistaken. Sensitivity to teeth can occur in all ages and the best way to catch it is to sense a sharp pain in a particular or a group of teeth, upon consumption of more than average hot or cold food substance. This pain could also occur when teeth are exposed to sweet or acidic food items. In a few rare cases, tooth sensitivity can also be felt while brushing and flossing of teeth.

As per Dr Isaac Kashani, here are some of the top causes why you may face sensitivity in your teeth:

  1. In cases where the patient brushes with too much force, or makes use of a brush with very hard bristles, the enamel on the tooth can wear off and expose the dentin layer of the tooth. As a result, gums can recede at a faster pace, leading to sensitivity in your teeth.
  2. Patients who suffer from periodontal diseases often face recession of gums. Again, this is responsible for exposing the dentin layer of the teeth and making them receptive to pain from tooth sensitivity.
  3. Gingivitis is another common dental concern which leads to tooth sensitivity. When the tissue of the gums become inflamed and sore, they can expose the roots of the teeth and cause teeth sensitivity.
  4. Cracking of teeth is another common dental condition which gives rise to extreme pain and sensitivity of the tooth. When teeth crack, due to any reason, they become prone to formation of bacteria and plaque, leading to inflammation in the roots of the teeth. This can take the mammoth shape of a severe infection in the teeth, if left untreated for a long time.
  5. Habit of clenching and grinding teeth among patients. This results in wearing of the enamel on the tooth.
  6. Build up of plaque in teeth is also responsible for sensitivity in teeth.
  7. Some of the mouth washes which are commonly available over the counter today, contain a strong amount of acid in them, which can erode the enamel on the tooth and expose the dentin layer of the tooth. The acid in the tooth can further prolong the pain and sensitivity in the tooth.
  8. Consumption of food items which contain a lot of acid in them. Acid indirectly leads to a reduction in the enamel on the tooth.
  9. After undergoing several common dental procedures such as root cleaning, root planning, crown replacement, restoration of tooth and others, teeth might become susceptible to sensitivity.

If you are aware of any of these habits or conditions and feel that your teeth are undergoing sensitivity, it is highly advisable that you book your appointment with Dr Isaac Kashani today and allow them to assess your teeth for quick relief from the pain and discomfort.

Having understood the causes of tooth sensitivity, let us take you through the solution to the problem.

Treating tooth sensitivity at Northridge Advanced Dentistry

If there is something that you need to know about tooth sensitivity, as commonly mentioned by Dr Isaac Kashani, it is the fact that tooth sensitivity can never be treated completely. Hence, we would like to set some very realistic expectations for you, from the treatment. We hope that you will try to cooperate with us and allow us to help you in getting rid of the pain and discomfort which you are currently facing due to the sensitivity in your teeth.

It is impossible to make sensitive teeth disappear completely. What causes the main trouble in case of tooth sensitivity are the causes of the problem. The only thing that is volatile in this case, is the intensity with which the symptoms might trouble you. In some cases, some of the causes of tooth sensitivity might disappear completely or reduce in intensity. In yet other cases, these symptoms might come and go with time and may reduce or increase in intensity.

There are, however, some ways to treat sensitive teeth and like every dentist, even Dr Isaac Kashani has a typical way of helping their patients overcome the problem of sensitive teeth.

It is worth noting here that you might receive many recommendations for treating your sensitive teeth and while these methods might work for some, they might not work in other cases, making a patient queasy and untrusting about treatment for his sensitive teeth. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can trust Dr Isaac Kashani to administer a dental solution which will most likely, suit you well. They do this, only after a quick evaluation of your dental condition and understanding the real problem behind your dental condition. This results in more accurate diagnosis and treatment administration. This is the reason why Dr Isaac Kashani is popular across Northridge, California, for many patients have availed our treatment and reported significant improvement in their dental condition.

Dr Isaac Kashani notes that complete and proper diagnosis of your dental condition is an absolute must before they administer any particular treatment option. They believe that it is of utmost importance to address the root cause of the problem, before devising any treatment methods. They also believe that if the diagnosis is not carried out in this particular order, the patient might not be able to receive any comfort from the treatment after all. Instead, the root cause of the problem might continue to get worse and make things really difficult for the patient.

Here are some at home treatment methods that you can employ to get rid of the symptoms of tooth sensitivity or at least, combat the intensity of the pain and discomfort that you might be facing, as a result of the dental problem. Dr Isaac Kashani strongly recommend that till the time you are unable to receive proper dental support and care from us; you continue to observe these treatment methods for your own welfare.

  1. Use a toothpaste which is especially designated for sensitive teeth. You may go for a brand which is especially recommended by Dr Isaac Kashani or else, choose and over the counter option. In any case, try to brush your teeth with a desensitizing toothpaste for some comfort from the pain and discomfort of sensitive teeth.
  2. Always make use of a tooth brush which has soft bristles on it.
  3. Make sure that till the time Dr Isaac Kashani have not attended to your teeth, you do not consume food items which have a very high acidic content in them.
  4. Make use of a mouth wash on a daily basis but check if it has a high concentration of acid in it or not. Avoid using mouth washes with a very high content of acid in them.
  5. Make use of mouth guards if you are in the habit of grinding or clenching your teeth.
  6. If you clean your teeth with a very heavy hand? Then you should know that you might be taking off more than just plaque from your teeth. brushing from side to side, exactly at the gum line can make your enamel go away faster than you can think. You should use a soft bristled brush and work at a 45 degree angle to your gum to keep teeth clean and strong.

These methods can be adopted unless you receive special attention from Dr Isaac Kashani and they do not examine your teeth.

At the next stage, Dr Isaac Kashani will try to use dental procedures to help you overcome the pain and discomfort, resulting from tooth sensitivity. Take a look at some of the common dental procedures which might be adopted by Dr Isaac Kashani in such conditions:

  1. Using bonding, crowns or in lays to fix a tooth which has cracked or has broken due to an injury. The resulting decay and plaque in the gaps might be the cause of bacteria and the reason why you are feeling tooth sensitivity.
  2. Administering fluoride gels or varnishes.
  3. Administering surgical gum grafts. This helps in protecting the roots of the gums and eliminating sensitivity from the tooth if the gums might have eroded from the root level.
  4. Root canals can be administered as a last resort option to tooth sensitivity when it cannot be brought under control.

Facing tooth sensitivity after a filling treatment

Sometimes after undergoing a filling treatment, teeth might become sensitive, especially when biting down on food or talking. This issue can be fixed with a simple bite adjustment procedure. Also, the performed filling may be too high. In such case, Dr Isaac Kashani could lower the filling to help you feel comfortable in the filing.

Ideally, tooth sensitivity after a filling dental treatment should improve on its own. Usually it takes a time of a few weeks during which the complete healing takes place. It may last longer, as high as a few months, but as long as the level of tooth sensitivity shows gradual improvement in the patient’s case, there should be nothing to worry about. Persistent tooth sensitivity, however, may indicate that a root canal is imminent.

Facing tooth sensitivity after a tooth whitening treatment

Teeth whitening treatments which are performed either at our Northridge Advanced Dental clinic or using an over the counter product. Such products could contain harsh chemicals which remove stains, but at the same time they can also remove the tooth enamel which might lead to tooth sensitivity. applying a densentizing gel before the whitening treatment can significantly reduce the tooth sensitivity after the completion of treatment. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, we can also make use of a low level red laser with an infrared diode after a whitening treatment, to irradiate teeth, which is believed to reduce the pain levels significantly. 

Why should you choose Northridge Advanced Dentistry for availing tooth sensitivity treatment?

If you have made up your mind to undergo a dental treatment at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you should know a few things about us and the way we administer our treatments.

Take a look at the various benefits that Northridge Advanced Dentistry offers to you, and why you should decide to avail our services:

  1. Our dental specialists are professionally qualified and experienced at handling your dental case for tooth sensitivity. When you come to Dr Isaac Kashani with a dental problem which requires a detailed dental examination and recommending an accurate treatment, we can be of great help to you and save you the hassle of falling for an unsatisfactory dental experience.
  2. We provide absolute value for money with every dental treatment. At our clinic, the motive is not to rob patients of their hard earned money but to provide them reasonable services, along with complete satisfaction. For this reason, we focus our synergies on the quality of services that we deliver to our patients, before taking a single penny from you.
  3. We make use of the latest and modern tools and machines while administering our dental treatments. This helps us in delivering quick results with complete accuracy.
  4. We provide an array of payment options to our patients. For the sake of your convenience, we accept various forms of credit and even certain insurance plans in payment of our services. If it is possible, we may also allow payment for the services in instalments, so that you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket at once. We understand that paying for a dental treatment can be tight on your budget, which is why, you can take the benefit of our easy payment options and live a happy life.
  5. With every advanced dental treatment, we hope to educate our patients about the procedure involved and how various costs are allocated to it. We hate to keep you in the dark and it is our constant endeavor to help you at every stage of your dental treatment.

Dr Isaac Kashani is experts at handling all cases of tooth sensitivity. They possess acute knowledge of dental problems and understand how human teeth must be treated for best results. Come and be a part of an amazing journey, where Dr Isaac Kashani overcome even the most stubborn dental problems.

As one of the pioneering and leading dental destinations in Northridge, California, we can assure you that this clinic is the place where you can help your teeth by giving them the right treatment and the best care that they require. We have been operating in this area for over a decade now and with the experience of professional dentists such as Dr Isaac Kashani, we feel very much confident about our skill to help you lead better lives, each and every day. These dentists and our team are professionally qualified in their field and hold extensive experience at handling all related dental problems. You can choose us with complete trust and faith about the quality of our services.

We offer one of the most reasonable prices for all our dental services, in this locality. You are going to love how our team helps you at every single stage of your treatment and assists you with any query that you might have. For the best dental care experience in your city, come visit us today!

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth Causes

Teeth are made of 3 different crystal structures called Hydroxyapatite, and the difference in them is how many pores are each contain. The outer crystal structure is Enamel, the inner is Dentin, and the root is made of Cementum. The root is embedded in the bone, which is covered by the gums. The cementum has no outer layer (enamel).

For people with gum disease, and for those who have recession of the gums and bone loss, they are now exposing the cementum layer, which is very porous. These pores in the cementum lead directly to the nerve of the tooth. Now we have an unprotected tooth structure that is very porous and anything that is hot or cold will be felt tremendously, causing extremely sensitive teeth.

For people who grind their teeth and now have very sensitive teeth, there are two areas that can be affected. The ground down areas have lost the protective enamel layer, and now expose the very porous dentin, which is in direct contact with the nerve causing extremely sensitive teeth. The other area that can be affected for Bruxism or Grinding patients is abrasion on the sides of the teeth (usually a V shaped indentation).

Sensitive Teeth
Kuraray Teethmate

Sensitive Teeth Treatments

Sensodyne is BAD for your teeth. Even the package insert on Sensodyne will tell you it is bad for your teeth. Sensodyne is simply sending a chemical inside your teeth through the pores that slowly kills the nerve of the tooth.

We have several topical desensitizing agents that can be applied at our office. The first is Gluma Desensitizer. This Gluma desensitizer can be placed under fillings, and on the topical surface where cementum or dentin is bare and unprotected. The Gluma desensitizer goes in the pores and seals them from hot and cold substances entering them. Usually the Gluma desensitizer is the first line of defense, and the least expensive. However, it can dissolve if something acidic (usually citrus juices or sodas) comes into contact. Gluma desensitizer is best to place under fillings.

Brand new on the market is Kuraray Teethmate Desensitizer. It works much like the Gluma Desensitizer, however, it does not dissolve as easily and it lasts longer. Using Teethmate Desensitizer by Kuraray we are actually making new Hydroxyapatite crystals on top of the bare cementum or dentin, creating a new layer of tooth structure on top of the pores or tubules stopping sensitivity from occurring. Teethmate desentizer needs to be mixed and placed by the dentist. Its great because its results are instantaneous. If the sensitivity doesn’t go away right away, the application can be repeated several times until the sensitivity goes away.


The next and best option is using MI paste in trays. We have seen amazing results that are long lasting and strengthen the teeth. MI paste should be used by everyone. MI paste contain Calcium and Phosphates that are extracted from milk, made into a paste. The calcium and phosphates are inserted into the teeth, helping to create stronger, less porous crystals that will seal off the tubules or pores so that hot and cold sensitivity is diminished. MI paste is made by GC dental products in Japan. The paste is put into trays made at our office, custom fit for your teeth and worn overnight, every night until the sensitivity goes away. It can take a while, up to a month or two. At that point, the trays should be worn two to three times a week as maintenance. The reason this is our favorite at lasting impressions dental is because this strengthens the teeth all around. It even strengthens old fillings, crowns, veneers, or any restoration because it helps recalcify the teeth.

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