Gummy Smile Treatment Northridge Advanced Dentistry

When it comes to our smile, we tend to feel more conscious than our overall personality, since our smile is the first thing that tends to leave an impression on the mind of the onlooker. It naturally follows that when our smile is not in shape, we tend to feel an inherent inhibition or limitation. Each one of us wishes to have a smile that can attract the person in front of us. One of the common dental problems that one can face with their smile is when a major portion of the gum tissue is visible on the teeth. This phenomenon is called a gummy smile and is quite common in people all over the world. The noteworthy fact about a gummy smile is that it tends to make people feel discouraged about their smile and prohibits them from smiling with all their heart.

We suggest that whenever you come across a photograph of yourself, which shows more gum tissue than your teeth, you should make it a point to get it examined by a dentist. There are chances that our renowned dentists, Dr Isaac Kashani might be able to help you with your gummy smile at Northridge Advanced Dentistry. Let us get to know more about a gummy smile.

What is a gummy smile?

If you wish to check your teeth and determine if you have a gummy smile or not, simply bare your teeth and pose a smile at the mirror. If you are able to view more gum tissue on your teeth, than the teeth itself, you are likely a patient of gummy smile. Gummy smiles can be caused by a number of reasons. No matter what the cause of a gummy smile may be, the results can be somewhat embarrassing for most people, something that they would want to get rid of. Fortunately, enough for you, our dentists at Northridge Advanced Dentistry can provide a concrete solution to your gummy smile.

Having a gummy smile can be quite embarrassing. If you feel that your smile is largely restricted in front of people because of your gummy teeth, it is time to pay a visit at Northridge Advanced Dentistry and get it checked by Dr Isaac Kashani.

What are the causes of gummy smile?

Needless to say, you can avail a treatment for your gummy smile at Northridge Advanced Dentistry at very reasonable charges. However, before Dr Isaac Kashani begin your treatment and decide to act upon the excessive gum tissues, it is important for them to determine the exact cause of the gummy smile in the first place. Dr Isaac Kashani will ask you to visit our clinic in Northridge at first and then, they will try to pin point the exact cause behind the excessive appearance of gum tissue on your teeth.

As per the experience of our dentists, here are a few common situations which are likely to cause a gummy smile in a patient. Sometimes, a combination of these factors are also responsible for a gummy smile.

  1. Low gum line or excessive gum tissue: Each one of us is unique and different from each other in more than one ways. One usual way how our teeth could be different is the presence of a natural gingiva, whose margin is quite lower than normal. Basically, the natural margin of the gum tissue is quite lower than usual, as a result of which, a large portion of the tooth is hidden behind the gum tissue.
  2. Hyper activity of the lip muscles: The movement of the upper lip can also impact the positon of our gums. In many cases, when the upper lip naturally tightens over the upper jaw, more than is normal, the gums underneath can be revealed. Usually, this phenomenon tends to decrease as we grow older.
  3. Mis – match in the alignment of the teeth and jaws: When our biting pattern is not common or when the typical development of our jaw is not usual, certain situations in the teeth can arise, which leads to an over bite. An over bite is a phenomenon in which the upper teeth close down in a position that causes an over bite. As a result, the gingiva present right over the roots of the teeth might protrude in a way that restricts the upper lip from closing down over the teeth in the usual manner.
  4. Worn out teeth: Some usual habits such as constant clenching of teeth of regular grinding of teeth can lead to wearing of teeth. As a result, they could end up looking flat and shorter than usual. This directly contributes to appearance of more gums on the teeth than the teeth itself.

A gummy smile is a very common phenomenon and cause the upper gum of the jaw to appear more prominent. Since a number of factors, and sometimes, a combination of them can contribute to a gummy smile, there are different perceptions about its treatment. Rest assured, at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you will be able to avail a reliable and concrete treatment for your gummy smile from Dr Isaac Kashani.

Our dentists at Northridge Advanced Dentistry agree that a typical case of gummy smile can reveal up to 4 mm or over more gum tissue. This length of gum tissue is definitely not in proportion with the amount of visible portion of the tooth itself. A normal stage of development of the teeth involves eruption of the tooth during early childhood, out of the gums. The development of the teeth then continues up to early years of adulthood. During this time, the gums naturally shrink back from the tooth and settle down in one place to stabilise the position of the tooth.

During this process, a common length of the visible tooth of 10 mm can be expected. Another factor which can be considered to assess the accurate length of the tooth is to measure the width – to – length ratio, which should ideally be 75 – 85%. This is where the role of variations come in. any difference in this ratio between the teeth and the gums can lead to a gummy smile. As a result, your teeth might appear shorter and more area of the gums might be visible than what is usual.

Even then, if this proportion appears to be normal, the reason behind your gummy smile might be the movement of the upper lip. If the movement of your lip is more than 6 – 8 mm from their original resting place, you might have to face a gummy smile. Only after Dr Isaac Kashani obtain a proper diagnosis of the reason behind your gummy smile, will they be able to devise a treatment method for the same.

Correcting a gummy smile

If you are interested in giving your teeth a new shape, then reach out to us at Northridge Advanced Dentistry today and allow Dr Isaac Kashani and their team to examine your teeth for a proper solution to your gummy teeth. Here are some common ways how Dr Isaac Kashani might proceed with your treatment.

  1. Lengthening the teeth by gum re - contouring. If your jaw displays an excessive amount of gum tissue that normal, your teeth might naturally appear to be smaller than usual. In this case, the common solution that Dr Isaac Kashani will opt for, is to re - contour your gums. This is a delicate process which involves precise trimming of the excessive gum tissue, such that more teeth can be exposed. Similarly, if your gums are uneven, then they can be evened out for a more symmetrical smile. This process will surely improve and beautify your smile. Usually, Dr Isaac Kashani will make use of either of the three methods to contour your teeth, including scalpel, electro surgery and diode laser. With each of these methods, you will have to discuss the related advantages and disadvantages of the treatment with Dr Isaac Kashani. During such re – contouring treatments, Dr Isaac Kashani might sometimes make use of more than one method to give your gums the desired shape. This is where the unique expertise of Dr Isaac Kashani and our team of dental experts comes in. with their experience in the field of gummy smile treatment, they will decide on a single or a combination of treatment methods to shape your gums for a beautiful smile. This will be done after considering your comfort and the duration of recovery time that you can afford.

Feel free to walk into Northridge Advanced Dentistry to discuss the treatment options of gummy smile. We will always want our patients to be well informed about the treatment that they are about to take with us, the related time that it will take to perform and the expected outcome from the treatment. Dr Isaac Kashani are always available at your service to answer any questions that you might have about your gummy smile.

How to know if you are an ideal candidate for gum re – contouring?

If you are someone who smiles at the mirror and closes their mouth in an instant, because you dislike the way your gums and teeth appear, then you are perfectly fit for a gummy smile treatment at Northridge Advanced Dentistry. When you smile, check for the appearance of any gums and if in this instant, you feel that more portion of your gums show over your teeth or our teeth appear to be shorter than usual, then gum re – contouring is the treatment for you.

As per our experience, here are some of the best candidate for a gum re – contouring session at Northridge Advanced Dentistry:

  1. Patients who are unhappy with their smile.
  2. Patients who are unhappy with the way that their teeth appear, because of their gums.
  3. Patients who understand that there are certain risks and down sides associated with a gum re – contouring session.
  4. Patients who have realistic expectations from the treatment, which can be actually achieved.
  5. Patients whose teeth and gums are healthy
  6. Patients who maintain a good oral hygiene.

In cases of patients who have poor dental condition, Dr Isaac Kashani might be forced to address their dental concerns before providing treatment for their gummy smile. Similarly, if your teeth are facing any issue and require a dental treatment, it is best to allow Dr Isaac Kashani to treat them before heading for a gummy smile treatment.

Believe us when we say this, Dr Isaac Kashani are here to help you achieve the best smile and at a very economic cost. They will not guide you in the wrong direction or make you take an incorrect decision. For the most reliable and trustworthy dental session in Northridge, make sure that you visit Northridge Advanced Dentistry and meet Dr Isaac Kashani or any of our dental experts, who are accomplished in the field of gummy smile treatment.

Here are some additional treatment options for your gummy smile:

  1. Botulinum toxin injections: Similar to Botox, these injections can help in relaxing the muscles on your gums, causing them to appear flatter or smoother. At the same time, they also release the tension in the skin cells. Dr Isaac Kashani might suggest application of the injection on your upper lip so that it may rest lower than usual and hence, reveal less portion of your gums when you smile or laugh. Dr Isaac Kashani are highly experienced at administering these injections and helping you achieve the desired look after the treatment.
  2. Laser gum re – contouring: Traditional gum re – contouring treatments are more invasive and might require more surgical interference. As with laser gum re – contouring, the results of contouring can be achieved in an instant, without spending as much time. The gums are shaped again to give them the desired look. This results in a fuller appearance of the front teeth, making your smile appear beautiful and healthy.

Why choose Northridge Advanced Dentistry?

Opting for a gummy smile treatment might be the life changing decision that you have been waiting to make. Walking along with you in this journey, Dr Isaac Kashani can help you achieve the desired look of your teeth and help you smile with confidence once again.

Dr Isaac Kashani is a very eminent and experienced dentists in the field of gummy smile treatments. Both of our head dentists have received the highest qualification in the field of dentistry, from reputed academic institutions. With their multiple years of experience at handling different patients and their expertise in the field of gummy smile treatment, we are sure that you will be able to find a solution to your smile problems at Northridge Advanced Dentistry.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, every dental treatment is administered under the direct supervision of Dr Isaac Kashani, who are thoroughly trained and experienced in the field of gummy smile treatment. Our other dental experts perform all dental treatments under the direct guidance of Dr Isaac Kashani. With these experts, you can feel confident about your teeth and smile as they ensure that your treatment is carried out with precision and accuracy. We are sure that you will get no chance to complain about your treatment, after receiving your dental treatment at their hands.

We accept payment for our gummy smile treatments in multiple modes, and it is up to your discretion to choose how you would like to pay us. We might also be able to accept some insurance options in payment for the treatment. For this, you will have to contact our front desk for the acceptability of insurance options for gummy smile treatment.

You will find that gummy smile treatments delivered at Northridge Advanced Dentistry are among the most reasonable and economic one in the entire region of Northridge, California. Added to this is the comfort of receiving a dental treatment at our clinic, where your comfort and ease are the priority over anything else. You will be most welcome by our friendly staff to make yourself feel comfortable at our clinic and relax. We will begin with your treatment only when you are completely aware about the process of the treatment and the expected outcomes. If you have any questions about your treatment at any stage, feel free to ask them from Dr Isaac Kashani, who will be more than glad to help you feel more confident about your choice of availing treatment.