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Our teeth are with us to stay till the end of our time. This makes them very precious and necessitates taking care of them such that they may not have to suffer under the influence of tooth damage, decay and infection. Even after observing a complete dental care regime and following a strict oral care routine, some patients fall prey to dental complications, which merit visiting a qualified dentist and availing treatment for the anomaly. Northridge Advanced Dentistry is a pioneering dental clinic, where you can avail dental treatments for a variety of problems and is headed by qualified dentists such as Dr Isaac Kashani, under whose supervision, the entire team at the clinic operates. Let us talk about dental fillings, a common dental treatment, which is administered on a regular basis at our clinic.

A procedure for carrying out dental fillings is quite basic and involves minimal dental procedures. Get to know more about it right from the experts.

What are dental fillings?

Whenever your teeth undergo damage and decay, they have to be treated to stop the decay from turning into a hazardous infection and also to prevent permanent damage to your teeth. Dental fillings are a common treatment to treat such dental decay. Dental fillings, as explained in a common lay man’ language, is a dental procedure, wherein, the dentist removes the infected portion of your tooth and fills it with a filling to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Speaking from an expert’s point of view, dental fillings cannot be safer than they already are. Yet, there are some precautions which need to be observed while administering the treatment, which is why you need someone like Dr Isaac Kashani to treat you at an advanced clinic like Northridge Advanced Dentistry. There are many other ways in which Dr Isaac Kashani can treat tooth decay in your teeth but dental fillings are one of the most easy, basic and ergonomic treatment for your condition. We strongly suggest that before you decide to undergo any treatment at our clinic, get an appointment to meet Dr Isaac Kashani and discuss the various treatment options available to you. It is possible that they might be able to guide you for another treatment, which might be more suitable for your case, or, they might also be able to examine your teeth and suggest not going for the treatment after all.

The possibilities depend entirely on each individual case and Dr Isaac Kashani might be able to help you best, only after a careful examination of your teeth. In the next section, you will get to know about the different types of dental fillings that are usually employed at Northridge Advanced Dentistry for treating patients who need dental fillings.

Types of dental fillings

Dental fillings are permanent in nature. For this reason, Dr Isaac Kashani pay very close attention to the type of filling that must be administered to a patient in a given case. Here are the most common types of dental fillings which are employed for treatment at Northridge Advanced Dentistry:

  1. Amalgam fillings: You might have commonly seen these type of fillings on many people. The amalgam fillings are also called silver fillings and they are commonly composed of a mixture of mercury and a variety of other metals. Since this type of filling is considered to provide more strength and durability to the tooth, it is most commonly used by dentists on teeth at the back side or on the molars. This filling can also be used on the teeth at the front side of the mouth but is usually not preferred by patients because of the look that it gives the teeth afterwards.
  2. Composite fillings: Also known as tooth colored fillings, these fillings are mostly composed of acrylic and other such materials. These fillings can be used practically on any tooth since they make the teeth look natural after the treatment. However, even then, Dr Isaac Kashani will have to examine the location of the treatment before administering the treatment, to ensure that a composite filling is suitable for a particular location or not. Since these fillings exactly match the color of the teeth, they are also considered as a cosmetic dental treatment.

Why do you need dental fillings?

One of the most common reasons why Dr Isaac Kashani will suggest you to undergo a treatment for dental fillings is because of tooth decay. Tooth decay can take the shape of cavities, dental infections, caries and more but commonly manifests itself in the shape of a tooth aches, difficulty in eating and chewing food, bad breath, and hole in a tooth. Tooth decay might not be easy to catch by mere examination. Sometimes, Dr Isaac Kashani might need to conduct an X ray of your teeth to catch a decaying tooth and take the necessary precaution.

The most obvious reason why tooth decay occurs is because of bacteria, which can easily build up in the teeth and mouth. These bacteria are responsible for releasing certain acids in the mouth, which in turn damage the structure of a tooth.

While early stages of decay can be repaired and even reversed by Dr Isaac Kashani, more severe and advanced stages of tooth decay and infection require treatment, for which, dental fillings are one of the most common options. This might be the case when the damage to your teeth has amassed to such an extent that controlling the decay through mere deep cleaning might not be feasible.

Dental fillings are also recommended in cases when a tooth has cracked or has worn down due to chewing and grinding activities. Supporting the tooth with a dental filling might be the only way to prevent further damage to the tooth structure and maintain it in good shape.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, each case of dental fillings is overseen by Dr Isaac Kashani and carried out by trained specialists, who draw their experience from our expert dentists.

What is the procedure involved in carrying out dental fillings?

Carrying out a procedure for filling your teeth generally involves very few steps. Dr Isaac Kashani will carry out the treatment for you in a very friendly and painless manner, as far as possible. Take a look at the steps involved in the procedure:

  1. You will be asked to occupy your place at our comfortable attending chairs. If you feel uncomfortable about any aspect of your treatment at this stage, feel free to convey the same to your attending dentist and he will take care to ensure complete comfort for you.
  2. Once you are comfortable, the dentist will proceed to inject your teeth with a local anesthesia at the gums, near the teeth where the treatment has to be carried out. If your cavity is shallow, you may not need such anesthesia.
  3. Your dentist will make use of a dental drill to remove the damaged section of the tooth. This is the most crucial stage of the treatment, since no negligence at this stage cannot be tolerated. The dentist must ensure complete removal of the decaying cavity in the tooth, which will eliminate the chance of recurrence of tooth infection.
  4. After this step, the dentist will fill the hollow in your tooth, from where the decayed material has been removed, with a filling, which will be chosen by the dentist, depending upon your individual case. The filling will be hardened and fixed so that nothing might be able to penetrate the roots of your teeth.
  5. To conclude the treatment, the filling will be polished and any stray edges of the teeth will be sharpened so that your teeth feel as good as normal again. After conducting all necessary examinations, the treatment will be finished. It is recommended that you practice opening and closing your mouth a few times at this point, so that in case you feel any discomfort in doing the same, you can inform the dentist at the same time.

Is there any pain involved during the treatment?

As with any dental treatment, the first and foremost concern of every patient is the amount of pain that he will have to sustain while undergoing the treatment. When you come in for your treatment at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, the first thing that Dr Isaac Kashani try to make you feel comfortable about is your convenience and the dental procedure itself.

As far as dental fillings are concerned, you can expect mild stabs of pinches when they inject your gums with an injection for administering an anesthesia. Also, when Dr Isaac Kashani will drill your teeth to remove the decaying material from the roots of the teeth, you might feel some pressure and pain. During these moments, the best thing to do is to remain calm and try to think about something other than the ongoing treatment. Within a few minutes, as Dr Isaac Kashani will be done with their jobs, the pain will reside and you will have no feeling of any foreign matter in your teeth. However, if you feel an extreme discomfort about anything in your teeth, be sure to convey the same to Dr Isaac Kashani so that they can check your teeth and assess them for signs of any other problems.

Are there any risks and problems associated with dental fillings?

As stated already, dental fillings are quite common and simple to administer. However, depending on each case, some or the other complication during the procedure might arise, causing problems in recovery of the patient or postponing the healing process. Here are some potential risks and complications which might arise with dental fillings and trouble a patient.

  1. Allergic reactions of some sort, as a result of treatment materials.
  2. Injury to the blood vessels or nerves
  3. Development of cavity around the treated tooth
  4. Shrinking and expansion of the filling. This can affect the efficiency of the treatment.
  5. Injury of some sort to parts of the mouth
  6. Depending on the extent of decay in the tooth, the procedure might become more extensive and may have to be extended to root canals or crowns.
  7. Adjacent teeth might become damaged in some cases.
  8. Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

What is the cost of undergoing a dental filling?

The entire cost of a treatment involving dental fillings, depends upon the condition of your teeth and the extent to which they have sustained decay and damage. Also, the cost of the treatment will increase with the number of fillings that your teeth have to undergo. Your personalized treatment plan will be designed by our team, after you come in for an examination at our clinic. Once Dr Isaac Kashani iny have examined your teeth, we will provide you with every detail related to your treatment, so that you can make an informed choice about availing the treatment from us. We hope that you will have no need to run to your bank, in order to arrange funds for your treatment, since all costs related to our dental treatments have been kept quite reasonable. We might also be able to accept some insurance options for the treatment. For more details, feel free to contact our front desk and ask for information relating to payment options and acceptance of insurances.

Would you need to replace your fillings?

Believe it or not, even fillings are prone to damage over time. If you feel sensitivity to hot and cold food, around the area where you have availed a dental filling, you must visit our clinic at once and have Dr Isaac Kashani examine your teeth for signs of cracks in the fillings. Even a feeling of a sharp pain in the teeth while biting or chewing food, is a sign of damage in the filling. Whenever you feel such sensations, try to rub your tongue at the surface of the tooth, where you had availed a filling. If the surface feels rough to your tongue, it is quite possible that your filling might have fallen off or might have chipped away.

Immediately contact us and schedule an appointment with Dr Isaac Kashani, so that they can control the damage and help you regain comfort in your teeth.

How to make your fillings last longer?

Simply undergoing a dental treatment is not the end of your problems. If you fail to take appropriate care of your teeth, you might end up with an ever worse situation that before, which might not be as easy to control. Even if you do not have fillings in your mouth, here are some crucial habits to observe on a daily basis, which will help your teeth remain healthy and perform optimally.

  1. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice in a day and also perform a floss at least once in the day.
  2. When you have fillings in your mouth, control the intake of sweet foods and if you do, make sure that you clean your mouth thoroughly after the consumption so that bacteria may not be able to breed in your mouth.
  3. Always ensure that you meet your dentist during regular intervals, so that they can check your teeth for signs of damage and if you have availed a dental treatment for fillings, make sure that you visit Dr Isaac Kashani at least once in every six months, so that they may ensure that your fillings are functioning optimally.

Why choose Northridge Advanced Dentistry?

As one of the pioneering dental destinations in Northridge, California, we can assure you that this is the place where you can give your teeth the right treatment and the best care that they deserve. We have been operating in these environs for over a decade now and with the experience of professional dentists such as Dr Isaac Kashani, we feel confident about our ability to help you lead better lives, each day. These dentists and our team are professionally qualified in their field and hold extensive experience at handling all related dental problems. You can choose us with complete trust and faith about the quality of our services.

We offer one of the most reasonable prices for all our dental services, in this locality. You are going to love how our team helps you at every single stage of your treatment and assists you with any query that you might have. For the best dental care experience in your city, come visit us today!


Dental Filling Procedure

We carry the Sonic Fill machine and use it very proudly. What is the Sonic Fill? The Sonic Fill is a machine that vibrates the white filling material, so that it comes out as a liquid and flows into all the tiny crevices of the tooth to eliminate voids in the filing and space between the filling and the tooth. The next question is why should I care? You should care because if a filling has voids or spaces (tiny ones that you can’t see with your eyes) it can diminish the longevity of that filling. This goes back to the philosophy of our dentistry being made to last.

We use several bonding agents. We use self etch G-bond, Kerr option S (total etch), and Bisco two part bonding agent. Again, each area requires different bonding agents, thus the reason we carry multiple bonding agents.

All the materials are BPA, allergy free, and are researched heavily.

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