Every smile is unique and different than another one, which is why there is not one set of teeth that can be called perfect or desirable. Your teeth have a major role to play in the way you smile and how your facial appearance comes out. Unfortunately, when there is something wrong with your teeth, you are forced to face the brunt of an imperfect smile, one that doesn’t satisfy you! Because of this, you might be forced to live in dissatisfaction and keep cribbing about the way your smile appears on your face.

How would you feel if we told you that Northridge Advanced Dental Clinic has a solution for your crooked teeth, one that would give you an alluring smile for a lifetime?

As aghast as you might be at this revelation, we know that your mind is already racing with a number of questions. You might be wondering as to what in the world can offer such surprising results that the shape of your teeth can be altered to something else entirely? Would you like to know more about the advanced dental treatment related to crooked teeth? Let us begin.

The magic of invisalign

When your teeth are not straight or end up taking a not – so – perfect place in your mouth, it is obvious to feel conscious about them, every single time when you smile or speak to other people. The constant realisation that your teeth aren’t right, diverts your mind and affects your personality. As a result, many people end up wishing for a dental treatment that can shift their teeth, back to their normal place and let them smile with ease.

Now, while braces are a long standing dental procedure which can offer a solution to this problem, almost fifty per cent people who need such treatment, desist from undergoing it, only because of the pain and discomfort involved in it. We won’t deny that this is in fact the case, since dental braces are a permanent disturbance to your teeth, as long as they do not complete their task.

This limitation of braces gave birth to the dental branch of invisalign, a unique and innovative way to alter the shape and position of your teeth, while avoiding all the limitations of a conventional dental treatment involving braces.

Invisalign is a hefty treatment in terms of cost involved, which is why, you will not be able to avail the treatment at every dental clinic. However, given the advanced reach and technology that we enjoy, Northridge Advanced Dental Clinic can become your partner for a durable and friendly treatment with invisalign.

Wondering already if you are fit to receive invisalign as a dental treatment? Let us find out some of the common cases when our expert dentists, Dr Isaac Kashani suggest going for this treatment.

The case of Invisalign

Here are some of the common tooth conditions when Dr Isaac Kashani would recommend going for dental invisalign treatment. Take a look at these, to know if your dental condition matches with either of these.

  1. Crowded teeth: Sometimes, the jawline cannot accommodate the permanent teeth that come out. As a result, the emanating teeth end up bunching up or overlapping and sometimes, even twisting up in the jaw. This could manifest commonly as teeth that appear pushed back or pushed to the front. Not only does this condition make it difficult to carry out routine jobs conveniently but these teeth also end up becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and plague. Down the line, they can become the reason for prolonged gum diseases and decaying teeth. Dr Isaac Kashani can help you overcome crowded teeth and help you avoid each of these problems.
  2. Overbite: While many people tend to have a slight overbite, when it is too large, it might be classified as a deep bite. An overbite occurs when the teeth on your front jaw tend to overlap over the lower front teeth. This could lead to pain in your jaw which is why, it can be treated with Invisalign.
  3. Under bite: Exactly opposite to an overbite, an under bite occurs when the teeth on your lower jaw crowd over the teeth on your upper jaw. This could occur if your lower jaw is forward then your upper jaw. As a result, you may fight it difficult to chew food and speak clearly. While Invisalign can help you get rid of a moderate under bite, some severe cases of under bite might be treated with a surgery by Dr Isaac Kashani.
  4. Cross bite: A cross bite is a condition when some of the teeth from the upper jaw sit inside the teeth of the lower jaw. Cross bites are responsible for chipping and cracking of teeth and slowly, they may also begin to affect the gums on the upper jaw line. It is common to observe loss of bone and weakened gums in this case. Invisalign can be an effective treatment for some selected types of cross bites. For more details on the same, get in touch with our experts, Dr Isaac Kashani, who will be able to guide you better on the matter.
  5. Gaps between the teeth: Your teeth can suffer from gaps between them, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. In return, you can also face further issues with your teeth such as infections and gum diseases. At Northridge Advanced Dental Clinic, you can find an expert dentist such as Dr Isaac Kashani, who can provide an appropriate course of solution to this.
  6. Open bite: An open bite is characterised by a condition, when the upper and lower teeth of the jaw do not touch each other at all, when the mouth is closed. Eating and chewing food with ease can become a trouble, when you have an open bite. Invisalign is the perfect treatment to fix this condition.
  7. Crooked teeth: This is more a case of mis shapen teeth, which are generally out of their place and of given some support, they could come out in a perfect stance. In this case, invisalign can be chosen as a treatment method to enhance the smile for a perfect look. You wouldn’t find it significant at first but even a slight difference with your teeth can change the way your smile appears.

How does Invisalign work?

Before going to any random dental clinic, you must know that Invisalign works on the strong pillars of advanced technology and expertise of a dentist. This is why, you should come to a specialised clinic such as Northridge Advanced Dental Clinic for your treatment. At our clinic, Dr Isaac Kashani will carry out the following steps to administer an Invisalign.

  1. Scanning your smile: A 3D image of your teeth will be captured using an advanced tooth scanner. We do not make use of any teeth moulds for this purpose.
  2. Designing the treatment: After the scan is complete, Dr Isaac Kashani will work on fine tuning your smile using an advanced software, which will show a step wise road for your complete treatment.
  3. Assessing the results: Using advanced technology tools, Dr Isaac Kashani will be able to display the output of the treatment, that is, your new smile, which will be the result of your invisalign treatment.

This is only the digital phase of the treatment, which helps you gain confidence about the outcome of the treatment, given the hefty expenditure which will be involved in the entire process. If you are satisfied with the outcome of the digital mapping, Dr Isaac Kashani will proceed to take accurate measurements of your mouth and teeth, which will help us further, in delivering an accurate set of aligners to you. Want to know how your aligners are made?

The process of designing your aligners

Based on your specific treatment plan, your custom aligners will be made using advanced technology tools. Each aligner is designed and altered to fit the individuals mouth with comfort and ease. In fact, our technology allows us to trim your aligners such that they fit your gum line accurately. After your aligners are designed, they are made to pass a strict quality check, which ensures that there is no deficiency in them.

As soon as your new aligners are designed, Dr Isaac Kashani will ask you to come over to the clinic, so that they can fix you up with the aligners and begin your invisalign treatment. At the first visit, it will be absolutely essential to ensure that your new aligners fit you well and do not cause you any discomfort. You can get all your questions answered by Dr Isaac Kashani and our team and rest assured, we expect you to leave the clinic, only when you are thoroughly satisfied with the inception of your treatment.

Once you have got your aligners fixed, the next thing that you would need to ponder about is, living with your aligners.

Life with invisalign

There is a reason why invisalign is recommended as a fast paced and innovative alternative to braces. Invisalign is designed to fit your life, blending in with your routine and making it possible for you to carry out a normal routine, without interrupting the pace of your life. Moreover, the progress of your treatment is clearly visible every now and then, which makes it convenient for you to gain confidence about the treatment. Here’s how your aligners do not interrupt your normal pace of life at all:

  1. Before going out for a coffee with your friends, or for a movie, you need not think twice. You can take your aligners with you anywhere and at any time. Eat and drink as you would normally do and just remember to brush your teeth properly before wearing your aligners again.
  2. For the best results, try to wear your aligners for a minimum of 20 hours in a day.
  3. With our advanced technology, you can keep a track of your aligners and get to know if you are wearing them enough, with a unique blue compliance indicator. This is helpful for parents, who wish to ensure that their kids are not cheating with their aligners.

Invisalign gives you the freedom to carry about your life in the normal way and never have to stop doing a thing, which you normally used to do. Want to know the benefits of wearing a pair of aligners over your conventional braces?

  1. You can eat and drink any food that you like, since aligners can be removed any time. As opposed to this, braces restrict you from eating and drinking certain items, since they would stick to the braces or hurt you.
  2. You can stay active and lead a normal life with your aligners.
  3. Your dental hygiene routine is not affected largely. It is recommended that you continue to brush and floss your teeth in the normal manner, without the fear of any wires coming in between.
  4. No wires and brackets means that you will have to face fewer dental emergencies, which could normally arise out of broken brackets and stinging wires.
  5. Your aligners are virtually invisible, which is why, you do not have to fear about being made fun of. Sometimes, people won’t even be able to see them on you.

What else do you need to know about your aligners?

Each aligner is meant to be worn for a period of one or two weeks, after which, it needs to be replaced. For this purpose, you will have to visit Dr Isaac Kashani every six weeks to have your progress checked. Also, Dr Isaac Kashani will proceed with picking up your next batch of aligners as per the progress. Remember that every new set of aligners brings with it some pressure and slight discomfort, which is normal.

You will need to take thorough care of your aligners to ensure that they are maintained in top notch state. Always make it a habit to brush your teeth twice in a day and rinse and clean your aligners each night, to remove any residue particles. Dr Isaac Kashani will provide you with a unique invisalign cleaning system to help you keep your aligners clean.

Considering payment options for an invisalign at Northridge Advanced Dental Clinic

As you might have already understood about invisalign dental treatment by now, the whole procedure entails a considerable cost, which might be quite hefty for some of you. Thus, paying for the treatment can be a troublesome duty for many, with which we would like to help you.

At Northridge Advanced Dental Clinic, you can choose from a variety of payment options for the treatment. We might also be able to accept some insurance options in payment for the treatment. In order to discuss the same, kindly reach out to us through our reception desk and we will be glad to answer any questions that you might have for us.

Getting an Invisalign at Northridge Advanced Dental Clinic

We offer several additional accessories for your treatment, which you can shop with us. If you are interested in fixing your teeth with an invisalign, then the first thing that you must do, is to fix an appointment with us so that you can seek the honest opinion of Dr Isaac Kashani for your case.

We are forever available to assist you in availing the best invisalign solutions at our clinic, so that you can smile vibrantly and feel confident about your smile. The reason why you might need an invisalign on a compulsory basis is because sometimes, when teeth have gaps in them, they tend to give way for bacteria and germs to thrive and grow, giving you an infection. Fixing up these gaps and spaces can minimise the incidence of this happening and save you from unduly pain and discomfort. Sometimes, fixing mis shapen teeth might be desirable to achieve a perfect smile, which makes you look attractive and enhances your overall personality.

Your reason could be any but your choice should be Northridge Advanced Dental Clinic. We are among the top rated dental clinics in California, where patients come with confidence and trust and get their treatment done from Dr Isaac Kashani. Their expertise and experience is the reason why they are so popular in the region. If you wish to avail an advanced dental treatment such as Invisalign, then we strongly recommend that you choose someone with the right experience and the expertise to handle your case with perfection. Choose wisely, choose Northridge Advanced Dental Clinic.



Everyone around us is running a league of races to appear more attractive and appealing. A part of one’s appearance is also the teeth, which tend to cast a deep impact on the way one smiles and appears. Hence, there is no surprise why most people want to go for dental treatments that enhance the appearance of their teeth and look enchanting. This is why people go for treatments such as invisalign so that they can get a perfectly straightened look on their teeth. Touted as one of the popular methods to straighten out teeth, invisalign has changed the lives of millions of people all over the world with its innovative dentistry solution. Want to know more about invisalign? Read on to find out what the dentistry treatment is all about.


What are invisalign?

One of the first impressions of a beautiful smile are the teeth, which can literally make or break your appearance. Face the truth, crooked and misaligned teeth tend to dampen the cast of your smile and can even prohibit you from smiling as often as would have normally liked. However, owing to the discomfort that braces make people go through, most patients are often reluctant to take up the treatment at all.

At Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, a team of professional and adept dental specialists have the perfect solution to your misaligned teeth, which will make you smile without any inhibitions. Welcome to the world of invisalign, the perfect alternative to conventional braces, which helps straighten out your crooked teeth. This will not only boost your self-confidence and appearance but will also keep at bay, any dental issues which might creep up owing to the misalignment of teeth.

At Lasting Impressions Dental Spa, Dr. Isaac Kashani and his team of specialists are certified dentists in the field of providing reliable treatment with invisalign. Having ample experience in the field, our specialised team of dentists are capable of delivering quick and reliable results that last, not only on paper but also in your smile. Let us get to know more about invisalign.

Some vital facts and information about invisalign treatment

Clearly a quick and painless treatment and alternative to the normal braces, invisalign is the potential solution to common dental mis alignments such as crossbite, crowding, spacing, overbite and underbite.

As per a common study among adults in America, more than seventy percent people agree that among the first thing that they notice about people, is their smile. This is why they also feel conscious about their own appearance when they smile. More than ninety percent people have also expressed their immense satisfaction about the way their teeth appear, once they underwent a treatment of invisalign. Thus, it is crucial to understand what people are choosing presently when it comes to their teeth.

Lasting Impressions Dental Spa is a holistic and well equipped dental treatment clinic in Encino, which not only attracts the residents of the neighbourhood but also finds fame in the surrounding localities.

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 So, what really is invisalign?

Invisalign can be easily understood as a series of trays, which is composed of transparent and plastic aligners. These trays are used to align the teeth back in to place, one tray at a time. The process continue until the desired result is achieved. Depending on the results that the patient anticipates, such aligners are modified and customised, based on the individual’s misalignment of the teeth. The invisible yet thin plastic material is usually very smooth and comfortable to wear. What’s more? Invisalign aligners are easily removable, which makes them a discreet but highly effective method to treat the tooth.

The process involved

Since invisalign aligners are clear and made of plastic, there is absolutely no need for taking any teeth impression through sticky clay. With the introduction of modern technology, it is possible to take a digital scan of the teeth at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa. This will allow us to take a 3D impression of your teeth and at the same time, portray to you, through digital simulations, how the custom treatment would work out for you and what results can be expected at the end of the treatment. Until our patient is completely satisfied with the basics of the treatment at this stage, we resist from moving forward with the treatment. It is our first priority to ensure that our patients must be more than happy with our treatment. Following up on the treatment request, we also send all the necessary digital imaging and scans at your requested email address, so that you can keep a record of the initial projections of your teeth. In this report, we shall also include the stages of treatment and express the timeline until completion of the treatment as well.

As soon as we receive the Invisalign trays, we shall send you back home with a specific set of trays for your teeth. As per estimate, prior to moving on to the next tray, each tray is ideally worn for up to two weeks. The procedure continues up to the time the teeth do not achieve the desired shape. Once the treatment with the invisalign trays is over, we will provide you with retainers, which should be worn to avoid further movement of the teeth. Patients should note that invisalign aligners are completely removable, which makes it possible for them to remove them at the time of eating and sleeping. However, we recommend that every patient should ideally wear a retainer for a minimum span of 14 - 16 hours during a day for the first three months then after only at night. The innovative treatment with invisalign makes it possible for use even for teenagers, without any issue as they are completely safe and secure to use. Therefore, our patients no longer need to worry about being photographed in hideous braces and enjoy their life comfortably.

Still, why not braces?

Braces have always been the conventional method to treat misaligned and crooked teeth. However, there is no denying that a treatment with braces is highly painful and causes immense discomfort. Why to go through the pain and trouble of having permanent braces, tight wires and diet restrictions, when you can treat your misshapen teeth easily with invisalign?

Unlike braces, a patient does not need to wear tight wires or brackets with their invisalign aligners. They make the job of eating food, brushing teeth and flossing, quite normal and routinely, as against braces, which take away the comfort of each of these tasks. The set back of braces is that one needs to visit his dentist more often to tighten their wires, however, in the case of invisalign treatment, as the trays are changed by the patient, many trays can be given to a patient and therefore less visits. This requires routinely supervision of the dentist, once every few months to ensure that the treatment is moving as expected and the teeth are falling in shape with every tray vs. every 3 or 4 weeks with braces.

The bright side of having straight teeth

While some people may argue that looks and appearance are not everything in the world, Lasting Impressions Dental Spa recommends a treatment with invisalign, merely because we reckon the health aspect of straight teeth and understand how a misshapen teeth impacts the overall health of the teeth. For one, our gums are designed to fit more tightly and optimally around teeth that are properly aligned. Owing to this, our teeth are capable of warding off periodontal diseases and tooth decay. Teeth which lack proper shape, tend to trap food within tooth gaps, leading to decay and diseases. Improper bite, teeth clenching and grinding may create an unhealthy environment for the teeth and also cause pains across the jaw, neck and head. Also, tooth enamel suffers to some extent because of misalignment of the teeth.

An invisalign treatment can potentially provide the desired results in less than one year, making it a quick and reliable dental treatment. The success rate of the treatment is exponentially high, coupled with the satisfaction of patients, with repeated reviews how they are immensely happy with the results of invisalign over braces.

There is a reason why the success rate of invisalign treatments is acutely high at Lasting Impressions Dental Spa. We work with the best people in the field and make use of the latest machinery in the market, so that we can deliver accurate and satisfactory results with every single treatment. Furthermore we are on the forefront of Invisalign studies. We are constantly training with the newest techniques for Invisalign. We have been treating people with invisalign procedures for the past 10 years and so far, we have received excellent testimony and feedback with each treatment. For us, the satisfaction of our patients is paramount, which is why, we make every effort to carve out the best treatment plan and carry it out in a religious manner, to achieve the desired results. Are you tired of your misaligned teeth?

Visit Lasting Impressions Dental Spa today and seek advice from Dr. Isaac Kashani himself, who will devise the best treatment for your teeth and ensure that you leave our premises with satisfaction. Visit us today for a quick dental assessment and a before and after rendering of your own teeth in real-time!

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