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Smiling can become an everyday struggle, if you do not feel confident when you bare your teeth in front of others. The appearance of our teeth, or the lack thereof, could mean a total loss of confidence over one’s personality, something that stands to cost a person his mental peace and happiness. People all over the world, spend thousands of their dollars, only to get a smile that steals the hearts of people whom they meet and greet.

None of us are perfect and to say that a smile can be perfect, only with a perfect set of teeth, would be incorrect. There are barely a handful of people around the world, who can flaunt their perfect teeth, for they do not have any irregularities in their teeth, in terms of their shape, size or position. The rest of us have a fair share of troubles with our teeth, starting from mere cavities to uneven spacing between teeth and sometimes, even complete loss of tooth.

While dealing with simple imperfections in the teeth might still be possible, it becomes entirely difficult to feel peaceful with broken teeth or missing teeth altogether. In such condition, if there is something that can actually help you overcome your inhibitions, it is a dental treatment for dentures, which restores not only your teeth but also your long lost confidence. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can avail the treatment at a minimal cost, administered directly by the experts in the field, Dr Isaac Kashani. Let us get to know more about dental dentures at Northridge Advanced Dentistry.

High quality dentures that you can easily afford – a dream come true at Northridge Advanced Dentistry

A clinic where your smile is restored by trained professionals, after working closely with you, to determine what suits you best and what appears the best for your teeth! This is what Northridge Advanced Dentistry helps you achieve, with its team of specialised dentists and Dr Isaac Kashani.

Combined with excellent quality of our dental dentures, is an unbeatable price tag to our services, which will undeniably feel light on the pocket and reflect with perfection on your teeth. At our clinic, you can consult the specialists, Dr Isaac Kashani, for a complete lowdown on the best denture options that will suit your typical expectations at par.

Want to know about the different types of dentures that we can help you get? Here are the different options for dentures that you can get at Northridge Advanced Dentistry.

Types of Dentures offered at Northridge Advanced Dentistry

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can choose from among the following type of dental dentures:

Full dentures

  1. Basic full dentures: Crafted using traditional methods using liquid acrylic, our dentures are fabricated for a resilient and durable performance. This is the simplest and basic type of denture, which begins with taking an impression of the teeth and making a model of the teeth. The dentists begin taking the measurements of the teeth and mouth by imprinting bite into wax blocks. This is the main step in the entire process, which ensures that your teeth fit properly in the new dentures. If something goes wrong at this point, your jaw might not be able to function normally like before, hence, Dr Isaac Kashani conduct this step themselves and ensure that no errors are made during the process. Before crafting the final dentures, a dummy denture might be inserted to ensure that everything is functioning normally.
  2. Classic full dentures: The base of the denture in this case is crafted using acrylic, along with visible fibres, which adds a more natural touch to the teeth. At the same time, the structure also works to add more strength and durability. The material used in making the denture is smooth and matches very well with the natural pigment of the teeth. Yet, you can choose from a variety of shades that match well with your teeth, at Northridge Advanced Dentistry. Since these dentures are handcrafted, they offer a better custom fit in your mouth.
  3. Custom made natural full dentures: Again, these dentures are crafted on a base of acrylic, using the cold pour process but with more attention to custom detailing, around the gums and the teeth. The resulting output are a set of natural teeth, which make everyday jobs, such as chewing food and talking, more comfortable and easier for the wearer.
  4. Cast partial dentures: The structure of the denture is crafted using acrylic material, which is meant to add durability and strength to the structure of the denture. At the same time, the base of the gum is designed from a light weight material, which does not contain any metals. Offered in a variety of hues to match the natural shade of your gums. Since these dentures are handcrafted, they incorporate minute custom details which make the experience more than enriching and comfortable for the person, wearing the dentures.

Apart from these options, you can also find a number of other, custom fit options for dentures at Northridge Advanced Dentistry. Tailor made by Dr Isaac Kashani, each procedure is curated with precision, ensuring that the option chosen by you, fits your teeth perfectly and does not pose any trouble later on.

What to check before choosing your dentist?

Before you decide to get your dental dentures made by any dental clinic, you should ensure that they are capable of providing the best services for you. Here is a ready check list for you to consider when choosing your dentist for dental dentures:

  1. How convenient is it for you: Preparing dentures and fixing them for you will take some time, and possibly a few visits to the dental clinic as well? It is wise to choose a dental clinic which is close to your place, so that it may not be a trouble for you to visit the clinic as many times as needed. This will also mean that you are able to get your treatment done in a shorter time, with a quick turnaround span.
  2. Consider the experience of the dentist: Northridge Advanced Dentistry has been in operation for more than a decade now, meaning that Dr Isaac Kashani hold ample experience in the field of dentistry and are perfectly capable of providing their services up to an optimum level.
  3. Choose an assurance: Most denture services come with a warranty, which is why, you should choose a dental clinic where you can grab such warranty on your dentures. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can always go for plans which provide an assured warranty with your dental dentures.
  4. Consider the choice: Dentures have advanced considerably. While there was only one option available for patients until few years back, dental clinics such as Northridge Advanced Dentistry provide a variety of options for types of dentures. At our clinic, you can choose any one type of dentures for your typical requirement and avail the best fit from our services.

Modern day snap on dentures

In the United States alone, close to 20 million people suffer from total loss of teeth while 10 million are missing a complete arch of teeth. Loss of multiple teeth poses problem in chewing and eating food properly. With our revolutionary innovation and breakthrough research in the field of advanced dental dentures, Northridge Advanced Dentistry has come up with implant supported dentures, which are a move over conventional dentures which have been an option so far. These implant supported dentures are the convenient option that are going to make it more convenient for you to enjoy a healthy and stress free life.

How are implant supported dentures different from traditional dentures?

There are many disadvantages that a patient has to suffer with traditional dentures. In some cases, there are chances of irreversible loss of bone, occurrence of frequent gum diseases, recurring bad breath which does not seem to go away, and more. Each of these disadvantages can be controlled and minimised with the use of implant supported dentures.

Furthermore, some patients constantly complain about loose and uncomfortable dentures which simply do not stay in place. Implant supported dentures can be a major support for these patients, improving the quality of their life and helping them lead a comfortable way of carrying out their daily jobs.

Here are the benefits of implant supported dentures that will help you understand how they stand as an improvement over regular dentures:

  1. They are a permanent option
  2. They offer greater convenience and comfort to the patient
  3. Unlike regular dentures, they do not shift easily.
  4. Implant supported dentures do not click, which might sound like a small difference but is a big one.
  5. They also do not make any noise.
  6. The soft tissues of the teeth are not damaged
  7. Bone tissue can be preserved easily in most cases
  8. Implant supported dentures give a real and natural look to the teeth
  9. They do not rest on the gums, which means less stress for them
  10. No paste or adhesives are needed to hold them in place
  11. Patients can consume regular food, as they would, with their natural set of teeth

Fixed implant supported dentures require regular care and cleaning by the patient to ensure their durability and optimum performance. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can also ask Dr Isaac Kashani for partial dentures. The process involves placement of four or more dental implants in the jaw bone of the patient. This is a surgical process and is carried out prior to any other procedure, which Dr Isaac Kashani will carry out to place your dentures. Once the jaw bone heals after the dental implants are placed, a temporary dental bridge, while the dental implants take their time to fuse with the jaw bone and surrounding tissue. Dr Isaac Kashani will allow a minimum gap of three months before proceeding to place the final dentures in place.

The denture experience

Dentures are often called false teeth as well, owing to the nature of the treatment involved. Depending on the nature of the dental condition, a patient might need either a complete denture or a partial denture, in case only a few teeth are missing from his teeth. Since dentures are a whole set of foreign object in the mouth, they might feel very strange at first.

  1. In order to overcome the problems associated with dentures, a patient might be required to visit Dr Isaac Kashani more often at the initial stages of the treatment.
  2. Since the shape and size of the gums can change over a period of time, some adjustments might be required in your dentures over time. This further calls for regular visits to our clinic from time to time.
  3. Eating food with dentures on your teeth is a task! You really need to prepare yourself with a lot of practice, in order to excel at it.
  4. Since dentures occupy a considerable portion of your mouth, it might become very tricky for you to notice or feel cold and hot foods or feel bones in the food.
  5. This can be overcome by starting with soft food which is non sticky. Ensure that you divide your food into enough number of small pieces for your convenience and always use both sides of your mouth for chewing food and do so, slowly and gradually. These steps will help you enjoy your meals with your dentures on.
  6. It is important to keep your dentures clean and free of residue food particles. Stains, bad breath and swollen gums are common if these precautionary steps are not followed.
  7. Use special dental products, which will be recommended to your by Dr Isaac Kashani during your treatment at Northridge Advanced Dentistry.
  8. At night time, always remove your dentures and allow them to soak in clean water or any denture cleansing liquid, which might be recommended to you by Dr Isaac Kashani and Dr y

Finding us is easy! We are located in Northridge, California, and operating as one of the leading dental clinics in the environs. We support all major and uncommon dental treatments, at a very reasonable cost. Drop in an email to us below, so that we can get back to you and discuss your dental problem in detail.

Schedule an appointment with the experts themselves, Dr Isaac Kashani only at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, the one stop destination for all your dental conditions. Our services start for an unbelievable price if as low as $350 for a single denture treatment. Here are a few tips which will make your treatment successful:

  1. Try to wear your dentures as often as you can. This will help your mouth adapt to the foreign nature of the dentures and allow them to fit easily. At the same time, continue to see your dentist on a regular basis so that he may assess if the dentures fit you properly.
  2. Practice eating your food but start with easy and soft food, which does not put too much strain on your teeth.
  3. Practice speaking in the normal manner since your mouth will take some time to adapt to the foreign object in your mouth.
  4. Some of the common problems that you might face while wearing your dentures are as follows:
  5. Formation of saliva in the mouth might increase
  6. Muscles of the mouth might feel sore, especially along the lining of the gums.
  7. The tongue and the mouth in general, might take some time to adjust to the dentures in the mouth.

These problems are temporary in nature and usually go away in a while. As long as you follow a healthy dental care routine and eat a balanced diet, there should be no problem in your treatment. Make sure that you remain in touch with Dr Isaac Kashani through Northridge Advanced Dentistry and get your teeth checked once in a while.

Contact Dr Isaac Kashani today to get a recommendation on the best course of treatment that would suit your needs the best. We strongly recommend that you take an appointment at our front desk in advance so that we can arrange Dr Isaac Kashani or any other specialist dentists for your consultation. At our clinic, you do not need to worry about the costs of the treatment, since we offer numerous simple payment options that will save you a lot of money. Come to Northridge Advanced Dentistry today and feel the difference in your teeth as we tend to them in the friendliest manner imaginable. Reach out to our team today!