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Welcome to Northridge Advanced Dentistry, a pioneer dental destination where patients are treated with the best dental practices. We are a one stop destination for all your dental requirements, walking with you at every stage and delivering exceptional dental results that give you the satisfaction of being connected with a professional dental expert.

Northridge Advanced Dentistry is a name well known in the areas surrounding Northridge and resonates its brand value through exemplary services and world class facilities at its clinic. With services that dish a very reasonable cost from its patients, Northridge Advanced Dentistry is the preferred dental destination for thousands of patients, who find themselves in the need of dental assistance, each year. With an array of dental services lined up for your convenience, Northridge Advanced Dentistry is the best bet that you can make, for a satisfactory, convenient and affordable dental retreat.

We understand how painful and troubling you might feel, at the idea of availing a dental treatment. After all, that is how we have all been made to see a dental visit, right from our childhood. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, we wanted to make things different for our patients. We wanted to create a place, where people could come without any stress and leave with a smile on their face. For this to happen, we knew that we would have to do things in an innovative manner and change our approach to offering and providing dental treatments. We hoped to change the perceptions of our patients which restrict them from visiting a dental clinic and by the power of word of mouth, we hoped to bring more people under the benefit of our services, so that they can also lead a better life.

Northridge Advanced Dentistry is a one stop destination for all your dental requirements. We offer a wide range of services, categorised into many dental arenas. We are also experienced as handling all advanced dental problems and provide immediate relief to our patients from any problematic symptoms that they might be facing. Our doors are always open to every patient who needs help with their dental issues. Be prepared for a world class experience at Northridge’s only pioneering dental destination.

We offer excellent advanced dental services

Why should you settle for anything less than perfect and the best! This is the ideology that guides the performance of our dentists and our staff at Northridge Advanced Dentistry. With this deep rooted ideology, we are here to deliver much more than simply ‘good’ results. Our exceptional performance and timely response ensures that you receive much more than a dental service at our clinic.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, a team of dentists, headed by Dr Isaac Kashani lead all the dental procedures, ensuring accuracy and perfection of each treatment. You can consult our specialists for their opinion on any matter relating to your dental troubles. Offered at our clinic as various advanced dentistry services as well, which can prove to be highly useful when you are suffering from a major tooth problem.

Sometimes, the dental problems that we face, appear to be small and regular. However, what we fail to realise is that they could be a warning sign for a different mammoth problem, the severity of which would only come to be known, once these regular signs and symptoms of dental problems, take a larger shape. Dr Isaac Kashani would always advise you to stay alert to any signs of dental problems or tooth damage, that could progress to a graver stage.

How does Northridge Advanced Dentistry stand out from any other dental clinic in Northridge?

As a leading dental care platform in California, Northridge Advanced Dentistry stands out in the performance of its dental services, and as compared to the performance of any other dental clinic in the vicinity, we take great pride in serving our patients in a holistic manner.

When it comes to Advanced Dentistry, we leave little to chance and put our best specialists at the task of assisting you. Take a look at the features of our services which will help you make the decision to come and visit us.

  1. We are a family name in Northridge, popular among the masses, for good. With our consistent performance in the field of dentistry, we have earned a stellar reputation, which shines with the equally stellar testimonials and reviews form our patients, who have availed our services and found us worthy of their trust and money.
  2. We provide exclusive consultation to our patients, and when they have booked a specific time slot with us, we ensure that we reserve that time, only for them, along with their preferred dental specialist at our clinic. So, you need not worry about waiting in long queues or waiting for your turn to meet Dr Isaac Kashani.
  3. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, every effort is made to provide you with the best and most comfortable amenities. Whether it is our patient chair or a glass of water, you will find only the best treats for yourself, at our clinic.
  4. Our friendly staff is one of the reason why we are able to deliver satisfactory services to each patient. We have trained each member of our staff in a manner that induces them to put their best foot forward, only for your comfort.
  5. We have some of the best specialists, including Dr Isaac Kashani, both of whom are dedicated and professional experts in their field. With a high degree of education and qualification to back their status, we are sure that they are completely competent to handle any and every dental case with perfection.
  6. Our clinic is equipped with top notch facilities and infrastructural facilities, which give us an edge to perform all dental procedures with precision and accuracy. As a result, we are able to utilises cutting edge technology and top notch facilities, to administer an advanced dental treatment as well.
  7. We have been operating as a dental team of specialists for the better part of the last twenty years, which gives us an undisputed edge over upcoming dental places.

How are advanced dental treatments different from regular dental treatments?

Offered under our regular and general dental consultation are dental services such as root canals, dentures, bridges, dental implants, crowns and much more. These procedures are quite common and can be administered to most patients, when they need it. In fact, these treatments are among the most common routes, chosen by Dr Isaac Kashani to treat common dental problems in our patients.

However, certain dental conditions warrant the need for an advanced dental treatment, which may be especially required when a dental issue of a larger scale has to be addressed. Headed by Dr Isaac Kashani, each advanced dental treatments is carried out under the strict supervision of our specialists, to ensure that no leniency is observed in the treatment and everything moves about in a planned manner. You can trust Dr Isaac Kashani to handle your case with their professional approach. Take a look at some of the common cases of advanced dentistry, which we have handled at our clinic:

  1. Advanced Diagnosis: Some dental problems cannot be observed by a simple inspection. The problem might be deep rooted and for this purpose, an advanced diagnosis of the tooth may be needed, so that the root cause of the problem may be established and treated.
  2. Oral video endoscopy: We are functionally equipped to use modern day digital equipment’s to detect problems in your teeth and suggest a course of treatment.
  3. Occlusal Equilibration: Sometimes, simple invisalign treatment might not be able to treat the way in which your teeth fit together. This is when you would need an Occlusal Equilibration, where Dr Isaac Kashani will use advance tools to adjust how your upper and lower teeth fit together in your jaw.
  4. Digital radiography: Used for the purpose of X ray imaging, digital radiography can be a useful and time efficient way to obtain images of the teeth, compared to conventional methods of X raying. Digital radiography is known to save a lot of time, since it is a very efficient process.
  5. Periodontal Therapy: Included in Periodontal therapy are both, surgical, as well as, non surgical methods to restore the health of the tissues that surround a tooth and provide support to the tooth. This could include scaling and root planning treatments as well.
  6. Restorative dentistry: Loss of tooth or damage to gums could be deeper in extent that what general dentistry can solve. Hence, a patient might need restorative dentistry procedures to regain a healthy smile and dental health.
  7. Oral extractions: At times, it can appear very simple to remove a tooth and close the opening but some queer cases can pose major challenges for a dentist while he treats a patient. For this reason, he might need to carry out an advanced surgical procedure to extract a tooth.
  8. Surgical extractions: Some dental problems could span deeper in the roots than what appears from the top. In order to diagnose such problems, the dentist is required to perform a deep surgical extraction, which might be the only option available to him, in order to provide a durable cure.
  9. Fracture repair: Dental fractures are hardly heard about and treating one, is no easy task. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, we provide relief from every type of advanced dental problem, including fractures and repairs.

The peculiar case of advanced dentistry

It might be surprising for many but advanced dentistry is not commonly administered in most dental clinics. This is mainly because it involves the application of qualified professionalism and experience of a specialist. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, Dr Isaac Kashani is an eminent dentists, excelling in the field of advanced dental services. They are available for consultation at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, along with a team of many other dental experts as well.

Advanced Dentistry entails the use of past experience and professional skills, to evaluate the peculiarity of a case and determine the best route of dental treatment for the same. Had it not been for dental clinics like Northridge Advanced Dentistry, it would be very difficult for patients to avail critical dental treatments for their dental problems.

By now, we are sure that we have outlined the importance and need of advanced dental treatments for you, quite well. The question that remains now is why you should consult Dr Isaac Kashani for your treatment at Northridge Advanced Dentistry.

Before heading in that direction, let us give you a chance to read the numerous testimonials which have been left behind by patients, who have availed our services in the past, and felt much satisfied with the quality of our services and the manner of our work. We are sure that you will be able to find inspiration in seeking our services, once you get to read the real life experienced of our patients.

“Dr Isaac Kashani are one of the best dental experts that I have ever come across. Availing treatment for my dental implants and root canals was a piece of cakewalk at their clinic. I owe them so much. Thank you for helping me get rid of my tooth aches and providing your services at such reasonable rates.”

We would also like you to meet our team of dentists, who are the real reason behind our pride and success. Each dentist at Northridge Advanced Dentistry is qualified in the field of dentistry and holds an immaculate experience at handling dental cases.

Why choose Northridge Advanced Dentistry for your Advanced dental treatments?

We are sure that by now, you clearly understand the gravity of the importance of an advanced dental treatment. Now, having determined that you need one, it is a crucial decision for you to decide, as to which dental clinic to choose, for your advanced dental treatment.

Take a look at the benefits that our world class dental clinic offers to you, and why you should decide to avail our services:

  1. Our dental specialists are thoroughly qualified and experienced at handling your unique dental case. When you come to Dr Isaac Kashani with a dental problem that demands an intricate dental examination and prescribing an accurate treatment, we can be of great help to you and save you the hassle of falling for an illegitimate dental service.
  2. We provide absolute value for money with every dental treatment. At our clinic, the motive is not to rob patients of their hard earned money but to provide them reasonable services, along with complete satisfaction. For this reason, we focus our synergies on the quality of services that we deliver to our patients, before taking a single penny from you.
  3. WE make use of the latest and modern tools and machines while administering our dental treatments. This helps us in delivering quick results with complete accuracy.
  4. We provide an array of payment options to our patients. For the sake of your convenience, we accept various forms of credit and even certain insurance plans in payment of our services. If it is possible, we may also allow payment for the services in instalments, so that you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket at once. We understand that paying for a dental treatment can be tight on your budget, which is why, you can take the benefit of our easy payment options and live a happy life.
  5. With every advanced dental treatment, we hope to educate our patients about the procedure involved and how various costs are allocated to it. We hate to keep you in the dark and it is our constant endeavour to help you at every stage of your dental treatment.

Reach out to the pioneers in the field of advanced dental treatments today and find a solution for your impending dental troubles at the most reasonable prices in Northridge. With dental specialists like Dr Isaac Kashani available to help you with any dental problem that you might be facing, you can feel relaxed about being in the right hands. We are also available for a quick consultation about your advanced dental treatment. Simply give us a call and we will make a dental expert available for you at the time of your comfort. We can be reached through our website, telephone and fax numbers or our email.

What are you waiting for? Got a dental problem that only an expert can address? Pick up the phone and ring a bell to Northridge Advanced Dentistry and we will help you in any manner of assistance that we can!