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Some dental conditions can escalate to such levels, where extraction of tooth might be the only option available to the dentist, in order to provide immediate relief to the patient. Extraction of tooth generally cannot be planned much in advance, given its urgent nature. Only a few typical dental issues might warrant removal of the tooth altogether, which is usually an impulsive and quick decision. Very often, gum diseases and damaged teeth become the reason why removal of a tooth might be a pertinent step, in order to save and protect the remaining teeth in the mouth.

For this purpose, you will need to a see a dentist or a surgeon who specialises in the purpose. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can find such dentists easily. Dr Isaac Kashani specialise in the area of tooth extraction and can provide immediate relief from any dental issues that might be causing you pain and irritation in your teeth.

The process of tooth extraction is quite simple and involves minimal technical steps to accomplish the end result with perfection. Generally, a local anaesthesia is administered in all cases of tooth extraction, which numbs the area of the teeth where extraction takes place. Hence, the patient suffers minimum pain throughout the procedure. After removal of a tooth, the dentist will provide stitches on the wound, which would be further covered up with a cotton gauze, to stop the bleeding. Further dental procedures such as, placing an implant, denture or a bridge, might be carried out once the wound heals itself.

Why is tooth extraction performed?

The process of tooth extraction can be equated with a last resort option for many patients. In many cases, the extent of damage or dental erosion in one or the other part of the teeth escalates to such alarming levels that merely treating them with any other dental procedure might not be enough. In a bid to protect the remaining teeth from suffering the same causality, it becomes pertinent and urgent to remove the affected teeth. This is the major reason why tooth extraction is performed. In dental terms, such teeth are referred as abscessed teeth, which implies decay and erosion of a tooth in extreme levels.

Tooth extraction might also be pertinent in cases of wisdom tooth removal, when the teeth fail to come out as expected. In such cases, the level of pain and discomfort cause by such teeth might be in excess of a patient’s tolerance levels. Wisdom tooth removal might be the only option available to patients whose wisdom teeth are displaying signs of trouble in coming out easily.

Removal of a tooth might be the only option available to a dentist as well, when he decides that the level of infection in the teeth is of such magnitude that it might impact the adjacent teeth in the long term. As a result, removing such teeth can directly aid in controlling the spread of infection in the mouth.

When to get a tooth extraction done?

Usually, at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, Dr Isaac Kashani will perform a close examination of your teeth and mouth, before making the decision to remove any teeth and reduce their count in your mouth. This is mainly because they follow a conservative approach, when it comes to their profession. For them, your health and satisfaction are at the front of all activities that are performed at the clinic. Dr Isaac Kashani has handled many cases of tooth extraction in the past and what has emerged from their diagnosis is the fact that tooth extraction is an urgent dental procedure and ideally, it should be performed at the earliest possible. For this reason, it is important to visit your dental clinic at the earliest signs of a tooth trouble. This will serve two purposes. If there is some minor dental issue which can be controlled using one or more dental solutions, Dr Isaac Kashani will proceed to perform it immediately and save you from further dental mishaps. Secondly, in case your teeth are damaged beyond repair, Dr Isaac Kashani will conduct an immediate tooth extraction to save you from further hassle.

Removing a tooth on time is essential to stop the infection from spreading to other places in your mouth. Believe it or not, if you let your damaged teeth stay as it is, you will have to suffer major damage and pain in your teeth at a later date. This is why, Dr Isaac Kashani always recommend their patient’s to come and visit them at the earliest signs of any dental trouble. There is not much that you need to think about, before going in for a check up, at your dentist. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, Dr Isaac Kashani will generally try to save your natural teeth in the first attempt. For this reason, they will recommend going for a root canal treatment before severing your tooth from their place. In case it is determined that the procedure cannot be carried out successfully and viably, Dr Isaac Kashani will proceed to remove your teeth from their place, as a precaution against further damage to your teeth.

What to expect during and after the surgery?

Removing teeth from their place is a surgical process and involves the use of a dentist’s or surgeon’s skills and experience, to analyse the details of the individual incident. During a tooth extraction process, the dentists at Northridge Advanced Dentistry will administer a local or general anaesthesia, in order to save your teeth and gums from pain. You will be able to go through the surgery without many sensations. However, given that the skin around the teeth will be bared, bleeding should be expected, which would have to be controlled by stitching the open skin together and using a cotton gauze to absorb the oozing blood.

After this, the section on which the surgery has been performed, will need to heal like any other wound. It is said that smoking, or using tobacco reduces the ability of the gum and teeth to recover. Therefore, we highly recommend that the patient stops making use of any such item after the treatment, which would aid faster recovery and quick healing. It is also recommended that patients who usually smoke, quit doing so for a while, since the sucking motion would affect the blood clot, which is essential in the healing process of the teeth. Dr Isaac Kashani can help you with counselling for the same, if you are having troubles in this matter. You can always rely on them for their expert advice and crucial knowledge on the matter.

After the surgery has been performed, this is what you may expect:

  1. The recovery process lasts for a few days and is largely impacted by the type of food that you need and the dental care habits that you adopt.
  2. Taking pain killers is important. Dr Isaac Kashani will recommend the right dose of pain killers for you, which you must consume as per the prescription.
  3. You might experience some pain and swelling in the teeth and gums after the procedure. In order to relieve the same, you must use an ice pack or any cold pack externally for 10 – 20 minutes at a time. Dr Isaac Kashani always recommend their patients to use a thin piece of cloth between their teeth and the ice.
  4. After 24 hours of the treatment, you can rinse your mouth very gently with warm salt water, which would aid in reducing the swelling and relieving the pain. Dr Isaac Kashani generally recommend using a mixture of 5 gm salt in a 250 ml size of water cup, which should be warm. Avoid hard rinsing at all costs, which would loosen your blood clot and delay the process of healing.
  5. You will need to change the soaked cotton gauzes every now and then. Dr Isaac Kashani recommend that you should change the gauze before it gets soaked in blood completely.
  6. Refrain from engaging in hard physical activities. This may put pressure on your teeth and delay the healing process or worse, might increase the flow of blood.
  7. Use of smokes, tobacco and even e cigarettes is a big no.
  8. Dr Isaac Kashani recommend that patients must consume soft foods after the procedure to allow smooth healing. Once your wound begin healing, you can gradually increase the intake of solid foods.
  9. Dr Isaac Kashani recommend their patients to sleep on their sides after the procedure. Sleeping in a flat position might lead to increased bleeding in the wound.
  10. 1As tempting as it might feel, Dr Isaac Kashani strongly recommend not to rub the affected area with your tongue.
  11. 1Making use of any sucking motions in the mouth might put pressure on the blood clot and dampen the healing process. Dr Isaac Kashani strongly recommend their patients to avoid use of cigarettes and straws during the healing process.
  12. Continue to practice dental hygiene and cleaning as per your routine or with the minor modifications as suggested by Dr Isaac Kashani.
  13. Depending on your individual case, Dr Isaac Kashani might make use of stitches that dissolve on their own or an alternate, which would need to be removed at a later date. Accordingly, stay in touch with them for your complete treatment.

Dr Isaac Kashani will help you walk through every stage of removing your teeth and ensure that it is a hassle free experience for you. To book your appointment with Dr Isaac Kashani, contact our front desk today and get your appointment fixed.

Are there any risks associated with tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a very intricate and detailed dental procedure, to be accurate. It requires special care and expertise from a dentist such as Dr Isaac Kashani, who are trained in the field of tooth extraction. Even then, there is no complete guarantee that the process of tooth extraction will go smoothly for any patient. Depending on each case, Dr Isaac Kashani might encounter a new set of problems and hurdles. The good thing is that they are professionally experienced at handling such situations quite well.

Often, bacteria can enter the blood stream through the opening and cause infections in some other body part. Depending on each case, Dr Isaac Kashani might recommend consumption of antibiotics, during and after the procedure is complete, in case of patients who generally find it hard to fight off infections. Some of the other cases in which consumption of antibiotics might become indispensable are as follows:

  1. People with a heart condition might have to consume antibiotics, in order to avoid any incidence of catching an infection in the heart.
  2. People with an impaired immune system might be susceptible to infections more than normal people, making them fall in need for antibiotics.
  3. People who have undergone any previous surgeries that involved major surgical procedures, might also need to consume antibiotics.

Usually, after the extraction is complete, a clot of blood will form on its own in the socket of the tooth from which the tooth has been removed. This clot is vital in the protection of the teeth while they heal. The loosening or dislodging of this blood clot will lead to a dry socket, which exposes the bone of the socket. These dry sockets may take days to repair and might lead to severe pain in the teeth and the ear as well.

Wisdom tooth removal

Tooth extraction is also needed for removing wisdom teeth from the side of the mouth. It is fairly common all over the world and the dental industry generates billions in revenue, only from wisdom tooth extraction. What you should know about wisdom tooth extraction is that it is a fairly common dental procedure, with most people opting for it, to relieve the pain from their mouth. It is fairly common to fall for the name of these teeth but in reality, they can become the cause of severe dental conditions and sometimes, even life threatening situations. Therefore, the earlier they are removed and diagnosed, the better it is for the patient. If you need to get your wisdom teeth removed, it is better to get them removed at the earliest possible, without giving any chance of breeding to the bacteria.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can avail removal of wisdom teeth by Dr Isaac Kashani at a very reasonable cost.

Why choose Northridge Advanced Dentistry?

Choosing a dentist to treat your teeth is a crucial decision, more so, because it involves a considerable cost, and might give you a lot of pain and trouble. This is why, every time you ask for a recommendation for a dentist, everyone will recommend going to an experienced and trained dentist and dental clinic, where your treatment can be carried out in an efficient manner.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you will receive a top class treatment from our friendly staff and capable fleet of dentists, who are professionally qualified and trained to handle all cases of tooth extraction. With our advanced and leading technology and innovative infrastructure, you will be treated with sophisticated tools and machinery, which will help us in carrying out your treatment with ease.

Dr Isaac Kashani is very eminent and professional dentists at our dental clinic, who are capable and qualified to handle your dental treatments in a professional manner. You can always book an appointment with us and get them to have a look at your teeth. We assure our patient’s high quality of services and reasonable costs at every stage. With us, you will find no reason to make a complaint or feel dissatisfied.

We offer various payment plans for all our services and also provide easy payment options through insurance and credit. For more details about the same, you can always get in touch with us over phone or in person. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you will find no reason to make a complaint about our services, given how professionally we handle every case that comes our way. For more details and to make an appointment with us, give us a call today and welcome a new beginning for your teeth with Northridge Advanced Dentistry. We would be happy to help you lead a better life and smile more brightly with every passing day.