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Northridge Advanced Dentistry is a top-tier dental clinic that helps restore patients' smiles. We are one of the leading dental clinics in California, boasting skilled dentists and dental specialists devoted to ensuring patients achieve healthy smiles from their treatment.

We offer professional services that suit each patient's needs, making us popular throughout Northridge. We strive to create a friendly environment for all our patients, and our primary objective has always been to help them solve their dental-related problems and live their everyday lives again. We constantly work to advance our techniques and services to achieve our goal of treating our patients quickly and effectively.

When you visit our clinic, our friendly receptionists will give you a warm reception and lead you inside to see our dental professionals. We understand that your comprehension of dental procedures and treatments may be why you rarely visit the dentist for check-ups. Rest assured that we hate subjecting our patients to any discomfort or pain. It is in our best interest to make every patient feel welcome; hence you will feel comfortable going through the treatment you need at our clinic, and it will be convenient for you.

Since we offer a wide array of services, we have invested in a variety of equipment that helps us deliver appropriate services to patients requiring them. And given that technology is constantly changing, we strive to ensure our equipment is also up-to-date so we may provide the most advanced dental treatment services to all our patients. Adjusting to all the changes in dentistry helps us maintain an updated and modern environment at our clinic.

We specialize in a wide range of dental treatments, enabling us to help many patients solve their dental problems. Working with other highly skilled professionals and experts, Dr. Isaac Kashani leads all dental treatment procedures at the clinic with utmost accuracy and thorough care. We always work towards delivering quick, feasible, and painless results that make patients experience the least trouble possible.

For an accurate and focused treatment, call us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation. We are always available, meaning you can bid goodbye to an embarrassing smile whenever you choose to.

What Sets / Us Apart?

What Sets / Us Apart?

We strive to stand out from other dental clinics within Northridge and other cities. At our clinic, Dr. Isaac Kashani handles the patients along with his team of dental specialists that are highly qualified and showcase high-level expertise in whatever they do. We work towards achieving high quality instead of high quantity, which makes us different.

To ensure we achieve this, we encourage patients to set an appointment before visiting us, so our dental professionals can dedicate complete attention and time to their issue. We offer bundled services and special packages so that you can select an economical and convenient treatment option. Additionally, we are always available; thus, you can anticipate receiving quick responses to your questions.

We Are Here / to Serve You

We Are Here / to Serve You

Our dental specialists constantly aim to deliver enhanced services to their patients, which makes the clinic stand out. One of our objectives is to make every patient confident about coming to us whenever they have a dental problem. That is why we go the extra mile to ensure we have renowned names in the dentistry field, like Dr. Isaac Kashani, appearing on our team of experts. Under Dr. Kashani's guidance, our clinic has advanced a great deal in the services it delivers.

We look forward to further improving our services and are honored that you, the patient, are part of our success story.

We Can Help With  Your/Financial Situation

We Can Help With Your/Financial Situation

We know money is a factor that comes into play when discussing dental care, and we hate seeing a lack of finances stand between our patients and a beautiful smile. Consequently, we have made available various payment options you can choose from. We want to help you access the best possible dental care and improve your quality of life. You can contact us anytime for consultation and advice concerning financing options.

Our Services/ Genuinely Stand Out

Our Services/ Genuinely Stand Out

We specialize in a wide range of dental services, making it possible for our patients to undergo even the most intricate treatment procedures here in Northridge. From endodontic services to dentures and Invisalign, we perform all the procedures. We view ourselves as the best dental clinic in Northridge, striving to gain our patients' loyalty by delivering the right services.

We look forward to assisting you in overcoming any dental problems you have or may develop in the coming days. We provide treatment and care at the proper doses to ensure our patients are comfortable.


Dr. Isaac Kashani

Dr. Kashani is a premier in dentistry, working diligently and efficiently to ensure his patients undergo the best dental treatment. Having qualified as a dentist by taking several degree programs and winning numerous accolades, Dr. Kashani is devoted to streamlining the dental processes at Northridge Advanced Dentistry.

Throughout his career, Dr. Kashani has met many patients who have frankly expressed their discomfort concerning undergoing dental treatment procedures for one reason or another. For this reason, Dr. Kashani stresses his efforts and expertise in finding the most feasible and appropriate solutions for his patients.

Dr. Kashani is a notable figure in dentistry, recognized for his expertise and qualifications. He aims to provide convenient and economical dental services to every patient and nurture a trustworthy environment where every patient can receive treatment without difficulty. Having Dr. Kashani as our lead dentist is one of the reasons we are confident about offering quality services.

Dr. Isaac Kashani

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At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, we change the perspective of dental care and treatment. Our priority is attending to patients in a friendly manner and with care. We are ready to provide you with pleasant dental care, one you will never forget for your entire life. Our treatments are not merely procedures— they are services that inform our relationship with our patients, a relationship we wish will keep nourishing. Call us at 818-701-3010 if you have any dental problems, and we will schedule an appointment immediately.

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