Scaling And Root Planing Northridge Advanced Dentistry

Your teeth are the one vital component of your human body, which will stay with you for an eternity. Any manner of problems or troubles in your teeth will render you incapable, or at the very least, in a state of problems, while eating food or talking. Needless to say, any one of us would not wish to be surrounded with any such conditions. Thus, it becomes absolutely necessary to ensure that your teeth are maintained in good health and any problems with the same are identified at early stages, which will help in avoiding any complications in the future. This is what every dentist at your preferred dental clinic, Northridge Advanced Dentistry, will tell you and ask you to do everything that is in your ability to keep your teeth free of damages.

For this purpose, deep cleaning and scaling are too popular dental treatments which are proposed by dentists for helping patients. Get to know more about these dental treatments which are offered at Northridge Advanced Dentistry by Dr Isaac Kashani.

What is scaling and deep cleaning of teeth?

Scaling and deep cleaning are two non surgical dental treatments, which count as the very first step of any dental treatment. It takes almost two to four visits to perform the complete treatment, which is used to clean the depths of the teeth and make them free of any type of deposits. As a result, the presence of bacteria in the teeth is reduced, which can significantly lower the incidence of dental infections and ill health among the patients.

The question that arises at this point is, how exactly do, dental scaling and root planing help in preventing the diseases of the gums!

As per a recent study, it has been found that almost half of the world’s population already suffers from diseases of the gum and the number is not likely to go on a decline anytime soon. The problem with any type of gum diseases is that they do not stop with the gum and start spreading around the surrounding teeth and reach the bones of the teeth as well. This is why, it is advisable to visit your dentist regularly and let them check your teeth for signs of any damage and decay.

During a typical root planing and deep cleaning session, Dr Isaac Kashani will remove bacterial toxins from your teeth, along with any tartar. Sometimes, in several cases, the gum pockets go quite deep, for which, root planing may be essential. This will be needed to remove the harder section of tartar and surface dentin, which will help in making all rough spaces on the teeth smooth once again. This will aid in keeping bacteria, plaque and tartar away from the roots of the teeth and allow the gums to heal once again.

When do you need root planing and deep cleaning?

When a gum disease begins in the teeth, generally the patient is unable to catch any signs and symptoms of its appearance. Visiting your dentists at Northridge Advanced Dentistry at regular intervals is perhaps the only sure shot way to catch them while they can still be controlled. Often, patients rely upon hard brushing and flossing their teeth to get rid of the accumulated plaque, which might not be possible. This is when they would typically require a scaling session, which will act to reduce the incidence and impact of the gum disease. Scaling procedures are usually different from regular deep cleaning since it involves cleaning and working upon the area of the teeth which lies below the gums. An advanced form of such gum disease may require a root planing procedure to be carried out by Dr Isaac Kashani.

Take a look at some of the common symptoms that your teeth might exhibit, directing you to visit your dentists and ask for their advice:

  1. Bleeding of the gums
  2. Swelling in the gums
  3. Appearance of red and sensitive gums
  4. Pain in the teeth and gums while brushing and flossing
  5. Recession of the gums
  6. Discoloration of the gums
  7. Pain in the teeth or the gums
  8. Bad breath which refuses to go away even after using brush and mouth wash on a regular basis.

The best way to know if you need a root planing or deep cleaning treatment is to visit Northridge Advanced Dentistry and ask Dr Isaac Kashani for their advice on the matter. With their years of experience in the field and advanced tools and machinery, they will be able to assess and guide you whether your teeth are suffering from any dental problems. Give them a chance to cure your teeth of any problems that you might be facing.

Taking care of your teeth after the treatment

Maintaining teeth in an optimum state of health is essential to leading a pain free and comfortable life. If you have any existing issues with your teeth, it is strongly advisable that you visit us at Northridge Advanced Dentistry and ask our expert dentists, Dr Isaac Kashani, to help you get rid of them. After you have undergone a typical root planing and deep cleaning session with Dr Isaac Kashani, you will need to take care of your teeth so that they do not fall under the impression of any further dental problems. Take a look at some of the most important tips and care techniques that you will need to adopt for a fresh and healthy smile and dental health of your teeth.

  1. Follow a religious and regular dental health care routine that takes care of your teeth.
  2. Make it a point to visit your dentists at Northridge Advanced Dentistry at regular intervals, where they can treat your teeth and assess them for any signs of impending damage and decay.
  3. Make it a habit to brush your teeth a minimum of two times in a day, so that residue particles of food can be eliminated from your teeth, leaving no grounds for bacteria to cause decay and damage.
  4. Fall into the habit of replacing your brush every while after the bristles of your brush have worn out. This will ensure that your brush performs optimally and continues to provide you with the protection that your teeth require.
  5. It is important to remove hidden plaque from between your teeth, which makes it important to use a floss on a regular basis. You must floss between your teeth daily.
  6. In some cases, Dr Isaac Kashani might also recommend the use of a mouthwash to some patients. If you have been prescribed the use of a mouthwash, then make sure that you include it at least twice in your oral health care routine.

By including these simple steps in your dental health care routine, you can keep infections and decay at bay and give yourself a healthy set of teeth to eat and talk with.

How do scaling and root planing work?

Commonly, dentists at Northridge Advanced Dentistry will give you a mild sedation to numb the area of the jaw, where the treatment has to be carried out. This might not be needed in all cases, especially when a patient is already undergoing a treatment for gum disease. Also, in the cases of mild gingivitis, a sedation may not be necessary.

When it comes to scaling, Dr Isaac Kashani will start by eliminating any plaque or tartar from the surface of your teeth. This will also be done for the area around your gums, on the surface of the teeth and at the roots of each tooth. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, a special ultrasonic scaling tool is used by Dr Isaac Kashani to carry out the above mentioned process.

After this, another tool will be used by Dr Isaac Kashani to smoothen the surfaces of your teeth and the roots, which will further eliminate all infections from the base of the teeth. Smoothening out the surface of the teeth also has the advantage of reducing the chances of recurrence of bacteria and toxins in the teeth.

This treatment is carried out over several appointments, since a gum disease is a chronic disease. Therefore, you might have often heard people telling you that scaling and root planing takes time at a dentist’s. If needed, the treatment might be combined with various healing methods to aid in quick and better healing of the teeth as well. With each visit, the team at Northridge Advanced Dentistry will ensure that signs of gum disease are receding and not recurring, and that the healing of the teeth and the gums are taking place in the correct manner.

What are the advantages of scaling and root planing?

There are many health benefits of scaling and root planing. These dental treatments are most beneficial to people who are suffering from low to mild levels of gum diseases. Scaling and root planing are also essential for people who suffer from periodontitis, which is a very severe form of gum diseases. For these patients, the treatment may gain even more importance, since they battle inflammation of their gums and the risk of undergoing harmful dental infections, on a daily basis.

Here are some of the most common and important advantages of root planing and scaling, which will help you make up your mind about undergoing these dental treatments:

  1. You get a set of much more cleaner teeth, which appear more attractive, once the plaque and tartar has been eliminated from them.
  2. Removing harmful bacteria, which is the root cause of infections in the mouth and the teeth, also enhances the freshness of the breath of the patient.
  3. Since gum diseases paves way for many other host diseases, such as heart diseases, diabetes, loss of memory, and other, patients can also witness a reduction in the incidence of such diseases.
  4. The risk of tooth decay also reduces drastically.
  5. Gum diseases in the patient can be avoided in the future.
  6. Incidence of tooth loss, associated with the occurrence of gum diseases, can be reduced drastically.

If you are suffering from any form of gum diseases, or if you know a loved one who might be battling with the symptoms of gum diseases, we urge you to bring them to our doors and ask our experts, Dr Isaac Kashani for their valuable advice on the matter.

Do you think that you need to undergo root planing and deep cleaning? How soon should you visit your dentist?

Sometimes, the symptoms and signs of gum diseases and problems in the teeth might be quite evident. Hence, some patients might be able to assess them and guess that they are suffering from a gum disease. The best strategy in this case is to visit your dentist at Northridge Advanced Dentistry at the earliest and never to wait and watch what might happen with your teeth. Waiting is one of the biggest mistakes that you may make with your teeth, when you know that they are suffering from some dental damage. The bacteria and infection present in your mouth might escalate to alarming levels in a matter of few hours and your strategy to wait and watch might not do any good to you at that point.

At our advice, kindly visit Northridge Advanced Dentistry at the earliest signs of such damage and decay and ask Dr Isaac Kashani to treat your teeth with all their knowledge and experience. Remember that the earlier you come in, the quicker Dr Isaac Kashani will be able to perform their treatment and the more safe and pain free will the treatment be for you. If however, you allow the scale of damage to escalate, you might have to undergo multiple dental treatments and also pay multiple costs for them.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can have your appointment fixed with Dr Isaac Kashani at the earliest, by contacting our front desk, where a bunch of our friendly staff will be able to guide you and help you with the matter of taking an appointment with Dr Isaac Kashani.

Some people also believe that the process of deep cleaning and root planing is a painful and inconvenient one. Such is not the case, since most of the times, Dr Isaac Kashani will numb your teeth before they perform any treatment on your teeth.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can avail a host of dental care treatments, including root canals, dentures, invisalign, bridges, dental implants and much more, along with root planing and deep cleaning.

Why choose Northridge Advanced Dentistry?

Now that you know everything that there is to know about deep cleaning procedures and root planing, the question that remains is, where you should get the treatment done, if at all, you may need the services of a dentist to treat your gum diseases.

Northridge Advanced Dentistry is one of the leading dental clinics in the Northridge, California, which attracts most of the population of the town and the surrounding regions as well. We have been operating in this area for more than twenty years now and with our expert advice, professional experience and dedicated services, no patient has ever turned back with an unsatisfied smile, from our doors.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, it is the aim of Dr Isaac Kashani to provide world class dental services to their patients and to help them overcome their dental problems, with their professional grade services. We offer our services at a very reasonable and convenient scale, which we hope, fits the budget of most people. By doing so, we open up our gates to one and all, and welcome them to get their teeth treated from our professional hands.

We also accept major insurances for the treatment of your teeth, which you can discuss with our staff. For paying for your treatment, you can choose from a variety of options, which is again possible on discussion with our friendly staff.

One thing is assured with Northridge Advanced Dentistry, which is also apparent from the innumerable testimonials that have been left behind by our trusting patients and their repeated visits at our clinic, mostly to get their teeth checked and to shower us with the blessing of their healthy smiles. You will be treated with the best quality of care and advanced dental procedures. We take pride in being equipped with every dental tool and machinery that makes itself available in the market. With an abundance of experience and professionalism in our hands, we find ourselves well paced to handle your dental cases.