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When our teeth suffer from one or more issues, normal routine functions like talking, chewing and biting food and even sleeping, can become a pain. In a condition of agony and discomfort, our routine is bound to suffer and our behavior towards people around us, might also change. Therefore, even a minor issue with your teeth should ideally be addressed at the earliest, so that your dentist can help you feel comfortable again.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, a team of qualified doctors, which includes Dr Isaac Kashani, are available to address your dental problems and help you recover from any issues that you might be facing.

One of the most common troubles that patients face with their teeth is tooth ache and severe pains, which could be accelerated by decaying teeth and infections. If left untreated, these problems can take a mammoth form and cause further trouble to the patient. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, we always recommend our patients to reach out to us at the earliest, with the very first signs of pain or any discomfort in their teeth. This will go a long way in helping Dr Isaac Kashani, treat your condition at the earliest and provide immediate relief from your dental condition.

Fillings are a common dental restoration method, used by dentists to remove decayed material from the tooth and replace it with a dental filling. The presence of a cavity in the teeth can become a leading cause for pain and sensitivity but replacing it with a filling can provide relief from these symptoms and allow the patient to lead a normal life once again. Some people often ignore the pain and discomfort in their teeth and consider fillings as a redundant dental procedure. What they do not understand is that leaving a dental infection or decay as it is, for a long time might cause more damage to your teeth than you can imagine. The resulting pain and discomfort which might build up over this time might cause you to take more intricate dental treatments later. Isn’t it better to solve an issue with your teeth today and minimize the damage that your teeth may sustain? Get to know about dental fillings at Northridge Advanced Dentistry right here.

What are dental fillings and what do they do?

Dental fillings are used by dentists when they identify tooth decay in one or more teeth and determine that it needs to be removed. The presence of cavities and tooth decay can later materialize into excessive pain and sensitivity to hot and cold foods. For this purpose, a dentist usually removes the decay from the teeth and fills the empty space with a dental filling. Filling the hollow spaces after treating the tooth and removing the decay ensures that the base of the teeth is not attacked by harmful bacteria. The filling seals off the base and surrounding walls of the tooth, from attack by bacteria.

How to know if you need a dental filling?

Well, truth be told, you cannot really judge it on your own if you are in need of a dental filling. When you visit our clinic, Northridge Advanced Dentistry, Dr Isaac Kashani will perform an inspection of your teeth using a mirror, to catch any abnormalities and detect signs of decay. If they find any trouble brewing in your teeth, they will proceed further to inspect the dental problem using advanced tools and possibly an X ray as well. This will help them identify signs of tooth decay, which will serve as a determinant when conducting tooth extraction. If tooth extraction can be avoided, Dr Isaac Kashani will simply perform a drilling session to remove the cavity and decay from the teeth, and fill it using a filling.

Tooth decay may be identifiable during a regular dental cleaning. However, on your own, you might notice the problem only when you feel your sensitivity getting heightened and a severe toothache in a concentrated area.

As per the recommendation of leading dental institutes, it is strictly advisable that you visit your dentist at Northridge Advanced Dentistry at the earliest signs of a toothache, and do not wait too long to avail a treatment. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you will be treated with care and focus, for your dental filling treatment.

Which filling materials are used at Northridge Advanced Dentistry?

Your dental filling could be chosen by you, after considering all the relevant advantages and disadvantages of each. Here are the most common dental fillings which are administered at Northridge Advanced Dentistry:

  1. Composite / Plastic fillings: Known commonly as the fillings with the same tooth color, composite fillings are composed of special resins which offer the advantage of being the same color as your teeth. Naturally, such fillings are far better at blending easily with the teeth and fail to come in the notice of others easily. The disadvantage associated with composite fillings is that they are prone to staining and chipping, which is why they are usually not recommended for larger fillings. Also, they need replacement every 5 – 8 years, which does not make them a very durable option for your filling.
  2. Silver fillings: Dental fillings are sometimes made of silver, or rather, an alloy of silver, tin, mercury, and copper. These fillings offer the advantage of being more resistant to all type of wear and tear and offer a wider range of durability, since they last for almost 10 – 15 years at a stretch. Owing to this factor, they turn out to be more cost efficient that other type of fillings. The only drawback with such fillings is that they do not blend very easily with the teeth and as a result, using them on the front teeth might not be a good idea.
  3. Gold fillings: Known to last for the longest span of time, gold fillings are known to remain durable and functioning for as long as 20 years. As compared to silver fillings, they blend much better with the teeth but as expected, they tend to be far more expensive than composite or silver fillings, which is the only downside that you can expect with these type of fillings.
  4. Porcelain fillings: Also popular by the name of in lays, porcelain fillings are made to bond with the teeth. However, they are custom made and need some time to be made before they can be bonded. They have perfect blending capacity, same as a composite filling and also offer the same durability and resistance as a gold filling but at the same time, they also come at around the same cost as a gold filling, reason enough, why it is not commonly chosen by some patients.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can avail special consultation with Dr Isaac Kashani and get to know more about each type of dental filling, before choosing one for your teeth. They will be able to help you pick one, according to your budget and your expectation from the treatment.

What is the procedure involved in getting a dental filling?

Considered as one of the most pain free dental treatment, dental fillings are one of the easiest treatments that are administered at any dental clinic.

  1. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, every attempt will be made to ease your discomfort and allow you a more comfortable experience, while Dr Isaac Kashani and their team fix your dental fillings.
  2. The procedure starts with rubbing a numbing gel on the gums which surround the affected teeth. After this, Dr Isaac Kashani will use special tools or even laser machines to remove that portion of the teeth which appears to be decaying or infected.
  3. Once done, your teeth will show a large hollow space in between them, where some acid gel will be used to clean the teeth further and remove any other type of dirt or remaining debris that could possibly indicate the presence of bacteria in the teeth.
  4. This process is absolutely painless and so is the remaining part of the process, where Dr Isaac Kashani shall insert a filling in your teeth. Believe it or not, this entire procedure is completed in less than 20 minutes at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, since everything moves around in a seamless manner, each specialist carries out his work in a dedicated manner and before you even know it, your dental filling is complete.
  5. In a very few cases, the patient might feel some after effects of the injection but the pain from the same should not last any longer than one day.
  6. Also, some patients might feel increased tooth sensitivity while eating and biting foods, which is normal, since the tooth takes its time to adjust to the new filling. This is completely routine and nothing to worry about.

We are sure that you wouldn’t have heard of a dental treatment that can be concluded in lesser time than this.

A comparison between composite fillings and amalgam fillings

Generally, two of the most sought after filling options are composite fillings and amalgam fillings. This is mostly because most patients swing between the low cost of composite fillings and the resilience of amalgam fillings, which is why, out of all the available options, they tend to zero down on these two.

However, it is important to understand the specifics of both these fillings, in order to justify going for either one of them. Let us get to know more about both of these types of fillings, which will help you determine which one you should go for.

  1. Composite fillings are designed to resemble the color of the tooth, whereas, an amalgam filling is usually made of silver alloy, which is why it appears as that color.
  2. Composite fillings are created by blending quartz and resin, whereas amalgam fillings are composed of metal and mercury.
  3. Composite fillings are generally strong and durable but not as much as amalgam fillings.
  4. Amalgam fillings turn out to be strong and durable whereas composite fillings fall behind a shade owing to their short term durability.
  5. There are no possible shortcomings with either of them but some patients face a fear from the mercury used in the fillings, even though the material used is absolutely safe and harmless.

A look at the use of composite fillings

Composite fillings offer a wide range of uses and repair functions to the teeth. They can be utilized for the repair of tooth enamel, the outer layer of the tooth and even to fill the hollow spaces after drilling the decay and infection from the tooth.

Filling cavities is important, since it reduces and eliminates the pain and discomfort involved in eating food and talking in general. Composite fillings are usually used at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, to fill the holes left behind by cavities and to make repairs to the structure of a tooth. Chipping of teeth is quite common with children, who might face the impact of an injury after falling down. In this case, Dr Isaac Kashani can make some simple and painless repairs to the teeth with the use of composite fillings.

Generally, while administering the composite filling, Dr Isaac Kashani will ensure that the tooth is clean and absolutely clear of all bacteria. This is a very crucial and important step in the process, since we cannot afford to leave behind any bacteria in the tooth which has to be filled.

The hollow space, which is left behind after removing the decay material, is filled with a putty like material, which is the composite filling, resembling the color of your teeth. After the filling sets in, Dr Isaac Kashani will shape the filling, harden it with the use of a blue light and polish it, for optimum results. The resulting effect on your tooth looks every bit like your natural teeth, and it is very hard to distinguish which portion is the filling and which portion is natural teeth.

How can you pay for your treatment?

Composite fillings are generally very inexpensive and do not involve much cost. They are one of the most affordable dental treatments that you will find. Therefore, as long as you are getting your treatment done at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you need not worry about paying a huge sum of money for the dental fillings.

We accept an array of payment options for your treatment and if you need to discuss more about the same, you can always ping us at our contact desk or call us on your dedicated contact numbers. We will be happy to help you and resolve your concern.

Why choose Northridge Advanced Dentistry?

Perhaps one of the most viable questions that must be going on in your mind as of now, is why you should choose our clinic for availing dental fillings. Well, we have a number of reasons that we can give you for the same but how about considering some of the few most important ones!

Dr Isaac Kashani is professional and qualified dentist, who excel at every field of dentistry that they are entrusted with. With years of experience behind their back, they are accustomed to handling many dental cases, some simple and queer ones as well. This gives them an edge over other professionals in the industry, to provide a satisfactory dental treatment and address the needs and concerns of their patients at an optimum level.

Moreover, our clinic is equipped with all the latest tools and machinery, which allows us to deliver a satisfactory treatment, within the shortest span of time and ensure that your treatment is carried out with precision and accuracy. Scope of making errors is reduced and the end result of every dental filling treatment is optimized to our standard.

We provide one of the most reasonable pricing options on all our dental treatments in town. This is why, people from Northridge and even the surrounding areas, come to us for their treatment and entrust their time and funds with us.

We have successfully serviced more than ten thousand patients in the past and every day, the count increases, as we continue to provide exceptional dental services with relentless efforts. We provide consultation before every session and treatment, ensuring that our patients feel comfortable and satisfied about the treatment that they avail from us. As a result, they feel more satisfied with the output, delivered by Dr Isaac Kashani after every dental filling session. For more questions and concerns about dental filings, always feel free to get in touch with us and resolve your doubts. Composite fillings are absolutely painless and that is exactly the notion that we wish to give you when you leave our clinic after the treatment.