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Loss of teeth can really take a dig at one’s confidence and self - esteem. Our teeth play an important role in shaping our overall appearance and once something is wrong with them, it is hard to feel confident about flaunting any outfit or making an appearance at any event. Our natural teeth, though thoroughly underrated and often ignored, play the prime role of making us look presentable. Therefore, there is no denying that a good set of teeth is a prerequisite to ace the prefect personality and feel confident at every front in life.

What happens though, when you start missing a tooth or more? Do you feel bothered by the missing teeth in your jawline? Does your confidence take a dip every time you smile in front of someone and notice their eyes drop down to your teeth? We understand that it can be quite unnerving to witness such situations, which is why, we at Northridge Advanced Dentistry are available to help you overcome your shyness and deliver a targeted dental treatment for your teeth.

Dental Implants are considered to be the closest to natural teeth, which can be administered on one of more teeth for a quick and successful replacement for lost teeth. Get to know more about dental implants below.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants generally give out the impression that they consist of a complete tooth replacement treatment. However, such is not the case. A Dental implant is more like the root of a tooth, the one that goes deep within the gums and supports the portion of the tooth above it. Dental implants are designed in the shape of screws and are placed in the jaw bone, meant to act as a strong base for a tooth like structure, usually a crown, which would take the place of the natural tooth. To add more sturdiness to the whole structure, a connector, known usually by the name of abutment, is placed on top of the dental implant and is meant to provide added support to the crown. Most dental crowns are custom made by your dentist to suit the shape and size of your teeth and jaw.

Historically, dental implants have been in use for more than 30 years and are known to be the strongest available dental treatment to fix artificial teeth, in place of natural one’s. Dental implants have been seen as one of the most natural and convenient replacement for natural teeth, even till date.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, your dental implants shall be performed by expert dentists, who are perfectly capable to perform a predictable and safe dental surgery for dental implants.

Here are some quick facts that you must know about dental implants, which will enhance your understanding about the effectiveness of the dental treatments:

  1. Dental implants might be a fancy new age term for replacing lost teeth but the roots of this dental treatment go back to the ancient times, right back to the age of Mayans, where shell structures have been found in the jaws of the ancient Mayans.
  2. In contrast to any other dental treatment, dental implants preserve the natural bone of the jaw, which later stimulates growth of bone, thus promoting a natural healing process in the mouth.
  3. Presently, more than 3 million people in the United States alone, have dental implants and the number grows by an average of 5 lakh people each year.

The procedure: what to expect?

Undergoing any dental treatment is no less than an anxious phase for anyone. Most people step into a dental clinic with the anticipation of pain and long hours of scraping and grinding with metal tools on their precious teeth. Unless you are visiting an age old dental clinic, or one with a clear lack of the latest technology tools, this is not something that you will have to worry about at Northridge Advanced Dentistry. As the pioneers in the field of dental innovation and technology adaption in the field of dentistry, we are the leading hustlers at adopting the latest dental solutions to help our patients lead a better life than before.

Let us take you through a step by step insight into a dental implant procedure, which will help you feel comfortable about undergoing the treatment at Northridge Advanced Dentistry.

The procedure carried out during a dental implant:

  1. Prior consultation: Before undertaking a dental implant, your dentist will conduct a thorough inspection of your mouth and determine the condition of the existing teeth. Based on this inspection, further procedures such as taking an X ray or 3D images, will also be carried out. Once the results from these procedures are out, the dentist will develop a complete plan for your dental implant and discuss the same with you.
  2. Placement of the dental implant: Your dentist will recommend a special scheduled appointment for the procedure to be carried out. During this visitation, he will place the dental implant in the jaw bone, where the missing tooth has to be replaced. Since this involves carrying out certain surgical steps, a minute degree of pain and discomfort should be expected. However, most patients agree that the intensity of the pain and discomfort is quite unnoticeable and does not restrict your routine activities. Some dentists also make use of local sedation to reduce the discomfort cause by the procedure. It is common to expect swelling, bruising, minor bleeding, and pain after the procedure, as is the case with many other dental treatments. However, all of this can be easily managed with the help of over the counter medications.
  3. Haul: Once the implants have been placed, the process of healing will begin. In a process, which goes by the name of Osseo integration, the jaw bone and the implants will grow together, since the natural bone is conserved during the procedure. Together, they will form a strong and durable base for the tooth replacement. Now, this healing procedure might take a few months, depending upon the state of the teeth, so you will be asked by your dentist to stay on a soft food diet, which will allow your teeth to heal completely, without any damage. If needed, your dentist might also agree to putting on a temporary tooth over your implant.
  4. Placement of connector: It is important to ensure that the implant has connected with the jaw bone completely, before proceeding to this stage. If your dentist determines that the bond is strong, he will proceed to place a small connector, which goes by the name of ‘abutment’. It will be placed just about on the gum line, to provide a medium to place the artificial tooth over it. In some cases, which are determined by the dentist, the connector is placed at the same time as the implant.
  5. Taking impressions for custom teeth: With the abutment set in its position, your dentist will wait for the gums to heal completely, after which, he will proceed to take impressions of the mouth and the other teeth on your jaw line, which will serve to provide measurements for the artificial tooth, which will be placed above the dental implant. You can get a single or even multiple teeth replacements done at a time. Once your artificial teeth are ready, they will be affixed to the abutment to complete the whole procedure. Technically, your new artificial teeth cannot decay, since they do not stem up from the root, they will still require the same cleaning and dental hygiene that you used to observe prior to the treatment.
  6. Consultation: It is viable to understand that a dental implant is not a procedure which can be convened and completed in one day. It may take anywhere between three to nine months for the procedure to complete. Once the treatment is complete, you will need to visit your dentist on a regular basis and get various follow up check - ups done, to ensure that there is no trouble with your teeth.

Type of dental implants

Since each patient is unique, dental implants are also made to accommodate the varying needs of patients. Hence, they come in a variety of sizes, heights and types. For this purpose, you will have to visit your dentist prior to starting the treatment, so that he may determine the type of implant which will be administered.

Basically, there are two different types of implants:

  1. Endosteal: These implants are typically designed in the shape of a screw and are composed of titanium, made to be placed in the jaw bone. They are among the most common type of dental implants in use today.
  2. Subperiosteal: As compared to Endosteal implants, these are placed in the gums but not directly on the jaw bone. These type of implants are common in the case of patients who do not wish to wait for the bone augmentation process to rebuild their natural bone, or else, in the case of patients who do not have enough healthy natural jaw bone to support the dental procedure.

Benefits of dental implants

You might be wondering why your dentist might recommend a dental implant, as compared to any other tooth replacement procedure. There are many benefits of a dental implant procedure, which you should know about before going in for the treatment at your dentist’s place.

Take a look at the benefits of dental implants which will help you decide whether you should go for it.

  1. Better results: Dental implants offer an improved outcome over any other tooth replacement procedure. This is mainly because your dentist receives ample time and opportunity to assess the entire case and determine the best route to a safe and successful dental implant. Moreover, since there is no bone loss in the case of a dental implant, and that the process of bone formation is actually stimulated in the whole process, this is the most natural way that you can get a replacement for your lost teeth. As a result of the careful examination and the natural process that takes place during the procedure, the accuracy of the treatment improves, eliminating the risks associated with the manual placement of the implant.
  2. Less inconvenience to the patient: Patients have generally reported that the pain and discomfort associated with a dental implant was far less than any other dental treatment which they had opted for. Dentists are of the opinion that dental implants fair better than most other treatments, when it comes to sustaining pain and discomfort. The best part about a dental implant is that you can easily resume your daily activities from the very next day after the treatment.
  3. Cost effective: As compared to most other dental treatments, dental implants are one of the most cost effective dental treatment that you can opt for.

Are there any alternatives to dental implants?

With the consistent improvements in technology solutions and innovations in the field of dentistry, it is possible to provide an alternative treatment to conventional dental implants, which are just as effective and beneficial for a patient.

The treatment that will be opted by your dentist at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, will depend upon the health of your jaw bone and the typical requirements of your teeth. Some of the treatment options which may be recommended to you at Northridge Advanced Dentistry include:

  1. Immediate load dental implants: As the name suggests, during this treatment, a temporary tooth is placed over a dental implant on the same day, when the implant is placed in the jaw bone. Our expert dentists, Dr Isaac Kashani will recommend the treatment when the patient has enough natural bone and a secure implant to support the procedure.
  2. Mini dental implants: These implants are quite narrow, as compared to some of the most common dental implants. Dr Isaac Kashani will employ this method through a less invasive technique, most commonly when a lower denture needs to be stabilised.

How much does a dental implant cost?

Dental implants are very affordable, as compared to any other tooth replacement option. When compared with the effectiveness and durability of the treatment, it turns out to be one of the most economic dental treatment options.

However, the fact remains that no two dental implants can be the same, which is why, the costs associated with them cannot be the same either.

The total cost that is incurred during a dental implant depends upon a number of factors, such as the number of teeth requiring a dental implant, the location of the teeth, and the type of the implant opted by the patient. In case an additional procedure is also required, the cost might go up.

It is always recommended that you visit a reputable dental clinic such as Northridge Advanced Dentistry, where experienced and qualified dentists like Dr Isaac Kashani and will take care of your case and only suggest the most viable course of action and treatment for your teeth. We strongly advise you, not to fall for any misleading commercials or infomercials, claiming to get the treatment done at low costs. From a financial perspective, dental implants are one of the most economic treatment option available for a patient, who wishes to replace his lost teeth.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can also seek easy payment options and consult our team for insurance plans which might cover the cost of the treatment.

Why should you choose Northridge Advanced Dentistry?

Are you looking for a dental clinic where you can avail dental implants? At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can avail a professional dental treatment from qualified and experienced dentists such as Dr Isaac Kashani and their team of trained dentists.

The reason why we are the most trusted dental clinic in Northridge and the surrounding environs is that we offer a very patient friendly and convenient treatment facility for patients at our clinic. We do not look upon our patients as a source of revenue! For us, each patient represents a long term relationship, which we intend to build and nourish with our quality services. With our experienced insights into the dental world, we hope to provide easy solutions to one and all.

If you are unable to make up your mind about availing a dental implant treatment at our clinic, we urge you to come and consult our dentists, Dr Isaac Kashani once and let them examine your case. With an experience that spans more than a decade, we are confident that they will be able to provide you a reasonable solution to your dental problem and also suggest, if a dental implant is suitable in your particular case. There is no need to worry about the costs associated with the treatment, since we charge only what is reasonable. Do walk in to our clinic once and experience the difference with our quality services!