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Dental procedures tend to create an image of pain and discomfort in the mind of a patient, when he is told by his dentist that his teeth require an immediate dental sitting. Dental treatments have it to their credit that they can wreak havoc on one’s daily routine and make them feel uncomfortable, to say the least. However, no matter how undesirable they might be, they cannot be avoided by any means. One of the most common dental treatments which is administered all over the world is that of inlays and on lays, meant to provide repair for existing damages in teeth.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can come in for a quick dental examination and ask Dr Isaac Kashani, if you require a treatment for inlays and on lays in your teeth. Let us help you understand more about the terms before you decide to undergo the treatment for yourself.

What are dental inlays and on lays?

Considered to be a part of restoration, inlays and on lays are one of the most unique ways to fix damaged and decaying teeth. As opposed to most dental treatments, which leave the teeth vulnerable and weakened, inlays and on lays provide a durable result after the treatment and provide strong bonding restoration to your teeth. The treatment might be recommended to you by Dr Isaac Kashani if and when your teeth are experiencing damage and decay.

Dental Inlays

Dental inlays can be pictured as prosthetics that are crafted from sturdy materials such as porcelain. Gold or ceramic. These prosthetics are then placed at the surface of the teeth or used to fill in the grooves between the biting surfaces of a tooth. The main aim behind doing this is to add rigidity and strength to a tooth and help a patient in chewing his food better than before. Dental inlays offer the dual advantage of adding such sturdiness and strength to your teeth and at the same time, also enhancing their appearance.

Dental On lays

In cases when the loss of tooth structure is in excess, such that it cannot be fixed with a dental inlay, Dr Isaac Kashani will recommend you to go for a dental on lay. The material which is used to make an on lay is the same as an inlay but the manner in which it covers a tooth is different than an inlay. While inlays are used to cover only the grooves between a tooth and the surface of a tooth, on lays are essentially used to cover a wider and larger surface area of the tooth, as compared to inlays. On lays add substantial strength and durability to your teeth and after their treatment is complete, you will notice added comfort in biting and chewing your food. For this matter, even a crown can be considered as an on lay.

At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, we would love nothing more than to give you the smile that you have always wanted. We can help you discover better comfort and convenience with routine jobs, such as eating your food and talking to your peers. Get in touch with us today so that we can help you rediscover a better you.

Get to know dental Inlays

As a patient who is recommended undergoing a dental Inlay or on lay treatment, you must understand the difference between the two. So basically, the first question that should come to your mind is, what exactly is a dental inlay?

An inlay is pre - molded into a filling which can be fitted be fitted between the grooves of the teeth but does not extend beyond the surface of the tooth. The procedure involves giving an anesthesia to the patient, after which, Dr Isaac Kashani will drill the area of the tooth which suffers from decay and remove the damaged section of the tooth. Owing to the steps involved in the procedure, the treatment is considered to be a restorative procedure that helps in healing and restoring the appearance of teeth, which have sustained damage owing to decay or an injury but which does not affect the cusps of the teeth.

Following the procedure, an impression of the teeth is obtained by the dentist and sent to a lab, where the inlays are prepared. As mentioned earlier, the material with which an inlay is prepared might be ceramic or porcelain and is designed to match the color of the teeth to provide a complete cosmetic alteration to the appearance of the teeth. As compared to fillings, inlays are considered to be a sturdier and durable alternative to dental restoration such that the biting surface of the teeth can be restored back to normal. Gold inlays are considered to be the most durable out of all options but as expected, it is also one of the most expensive dental procedures that are carried out at Northridge Advanced Dentistry.

When do you need a dental Inlay?

Sometimes, certain circumstances might lead to a need for dental restorations, in spite of following a regular dental hygiene routine. While in most cases dentists recommend going for a dental filling, Dr Isaac Kashani will recommend you to go for a dental inlay if your condition matches the following circumstances:

  1. If you have a broken tooth surface.
  2. If you have sustained a fracture on your tooth.
  3. If your teeth have undergone decay that does not affect the cusps of the teeth.
  4. If the extent of damage to the tooth is such that a dental filling may further weaken the structure of the tooth.
  5. The extent of damage to your tooth is such that enough tooth structure cannot be removed to support a crown over it.

The purpose of providing a dental inlay to your teeth is to restore their strength, give you the ability to bite and chew your food with ease and enhance the appearance of your teeth for a beautiful and attractive smile.

Difference between Inlays and on lays

As opposed to dental inlays, on lays are administered when the level of damage to the tooth exceeds to such a level that the cusps of the tooth are affected. This is the main difference that separates an inlay from an on lay.

Get to know your dental on lays

When your teeth suffer from deep cavities, Dr Isaac Kashani might suggest going for a dental on lay to put them right. Dental on lays take two visit to complete the treatment. During the first visit, Dr Isaac Kashani will remove the decaying section of your teeth and take an impression of the teeth, which will be sent to a lab for preparation of your on lays. During the second visit, they will fix your teeth with the on lay so that your teeth appear better than before and you find it easier to chew your food. on lays are pre – molded restorations for your teeth which might be recommended in your specific case, if Dr Isaac Kashani decides that the structure of your tooth is quite weak and might get even further weakened if fixed with a filling. On lays are also preferred by patients when they do not want their tooth structure removed during treatment for crowns. While we might have to wait for 7 – 10 days, after which your on lays might come back from our supreme laboratory, you might be given a temporary on lay solution so that your teeth remain safe.

Benefits of dental on lays

Here are some of the most crucial benefits of going for dental on lays that will help you decide if they are the better alternative for you.

  1. On lays enhance the visible appearance of your teeth and make them look natural once again.
  2. For the front teeth, porcelain and ceramic on lays are best suited since they can be easily made to resemble natural teeth and match better with the surrounding teeth in your mouth.
  3. The porcelain and ceramic used in on lays helps the dentist in bonding the on lay to the tooth and seal it from invasion of bacteria.
  4. Fitting an on lay adds strength and resilience to your teeth and make them look much better.

How to care for your teeth after the treatment?

After the procedure is completed, you might feel slight numbness and irritation, as an after result of the treatment. During the period, Dr Isaac Kashani will advise you to avoid any hot or cold beverages and also take care to avoid sticky foods, which might cause stress on the teeth. Undergoing a treatment for dental inlays and on lays does not impose any specific restriction on your diet and the types of food that you can consume but it is important to consider what you eat, to avoid further damage to your teeth. This is mainly because the reason why people have to undergo the treatment in the first place, is due to their poor oral hygiene and eating habits.

Thus, it goes without saying that you must observe a continued punctuality towards your teeth and brush your teeth on a regular basis. Also, it will be wise of you to visit us at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, every six months after your treatment has concluded, so that Dr Isaac Kashani can assess the state of your teeth and assure you about their good state of health. As long as you continue to take good care of your teeth, you will find that there is no problem with your teeth and your treatment will last longer.

How much would the treatment cost you?

As we always mention, whether or not your treatment cost can be covered through insurance, depends entirely upon your individual insurance plan. Most commonly, dental insurances do cover treatment for dental inlays and on lays. However, the same might not cover the entire cost of the treatment. Therefore, you might have to pay some of the cost out of your pocket.

If you would like to discuss the payment options with us, feel free to contact us and discuss different payment options that we offer. We would like to assure you that you will not have to pay a premium cost for the treatment at our clinic, since we strive to offer a very reasonable and affordable treatment option to our patients.

The associated costs for dental fillings and dental inlays and on lays are much the same. Hence, cost might not be a deciding factor when choosing which treatment you should opt. If it still remains a question for you, feel free to come in for a consultation at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, where Dr Isaac Kashani will be able to help you choose the best treatment option for your individual case.

Going in for dental inlays and on lays

With the advanced technology solutions available with us today, Dr Isaac Kashani can give you the gift of a better smile and stronger teeth when you come in at Northridge Advanced dentistry to avail dental inlay and on lay treatment. Until few years back, dentists used to make use of metal fillings to treat and correct cavities. Now, all of us have seen how metal fillings look like. They used to be hard to hide and used to make the patient feel very embarrassed of the state of his teeth. Thankfully, we have advanced from that stage and today, at Northridge Advanced Dentistry, you can get your teeth corrected with dental inlays and on lays which match the exact colour of your teeth. Therefore, you need not hide anything anymore or feel embarrassed when you smile. This is why some patients even come at our clinic and ask us to replace their existing metal fillings with the new age porcelain and ceramic solutions. If you want to change the appearance of your teeth and feel free each time you smile, give us a call today and book your appointment with Dr Isaac Kashani. You can also walk in at our clinic, Northridge Advanced Dentistry, and ask our team of dental experts to examine your teeth. We are sure that with their dedicated stance, your teeth will come to face a new day at the earliest.

A better smile and a healthy set of teeth are yours to grab, when you decide to avail a dental inlay and on lay treatment at Northridge Advanced Dentistry. Dr Isaac Kashani is qualified to the highest degree of professionalism in this field and own a decade’s worth of experience in treating patients with inlays and on lays. When taking treatment for your teeth from them, you can place your trust in their experience and professional outlook.

Why choose Northridge Advanced Dentistry?

Going for any dental treatment is not easy for a patient. As mentioned earlier, every patient feels fear at the mere name of dental treatments. The uncertain feeling about the treatment and the process involved in it is the major cause of this anxiety. At Northridge Advanced Dentistry, we urge all our patients to come and discuss their treatment with Dr Isaac Kashani before committing to get treated by them. This will help you gain confidence about the dental procedure and eliminate your doubts about the whole process. At the same time, our dentists will also be able to examine your teeth and recommend the best course of treatment for your teeth.

Why we recommend you to choose Northridge Advanced Dentistry is because of the excellent diagnosis and treatment that we offer to our patients. We are popular in the region and the surrounding environs, mainly because of the advanced scale of treatments that we offer at our clinic and the quality of our services. Dr Isaac Kashani take a personal interest in each and every case that comes at our clinic and provide their expert advice to each patient, to assure them that they are gaining the best treatment that could be possible for their teeth.

For our treatment, we offer excellent quality and complete assistance at every stage of your treatment. Moreover, as compared to similar dental clinics in the vicinity, we offer a very reasonable cost structure for each service. This is because we do not wish to burn a hole in our patient’s pockets and instead, help them lead a better life, after availing a dental treatment from us.

If you want to smile better than before and feel confident when standing in front of a crowd, make sure that you avail our services and get treatment for your teeth at the earliest.

Inlay and Onlay

What is the difference between an inlay and an onlay?

An inlay replaces chunks of tooth missing, which is limited to the middle of a tooth, but not a cusp. An onlay is an extended inlay that involves replacing one or more cusps of a tooth.Inlays and onlays are the perfectionists dentist procedure who want to be the most conservative. We proudly and routinely do inlays and onlays for patients. The inlays placed in our office are almost always made of E-Max porcelain (the strongest, most easily-bonded porcelain available). An inlay is done on a tooth when too much of the tooth is broken down to be able to restore it with a conventional white filling, yet small enough that a crown is not needed. Basically, if a tooth is broken, or if a filling is very large and we have too much tooth structure missing, we remove the broken and/or decayed pieces of the tooth, we take a mold, and a piece of porcelain is crafted and bonded to the tooth to replace the “missing chunk of tooth.” This porcelain is bonded to the tooth, meaning it becomes part of the tooth, chemically and mechanically interlocked. An example that is used in our office is if you were to ship a big heavy brick in a thin cardboard box (the walls of the tooth are very thin from decay or being broken) across the country, the box would probably be broken by the time it got there.

Some patients prefer to do inlays instead of regular fillings once they are educated about the difference. There is one major advantage. So back to the drawing board…. All regular white fillings come in a paste or liquid form, and they are placed inside a cavity, molded to fit the cavity, then they are cured (hardened in place) with a blue light (curing light). When the filling is cured there is always some micro shrinkage of that material, ALWAYS, even with our Sonic Fill, which is the best tool on the market.tooth, until decay occurs again, and the filling needs to be replaced. With porcelain inlays and onlays, the lab fabricates a piece of porcelain with the space between the tooth and the porcelain, being so snug that when bonded in place, there is virtually no leakage. This means the restoration will last a longer time. Again, this goes back to our office of long lasting dentistry. It is the least expensive to do a procedure one time, the right way. Typically, a filling will last 7-15 years, and an inlay or onlay on the same patient will last 15-30 years.

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